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It will Survive!

Dave 07Australia’s great barrier reef will survive! This astonishingly good news was in a recent article in Bloomberg headlined: Great Barrier Reef “Showing Signs of Recovery.” This just one year after it was declared doomed!

To be honest with you, I always thought it would recover and I’ll tell you why. I’ve read enough history related to climate to know that over the centuries and millennia, mother nature has delivered, and taken, some tremendous hits, and has usually recovered.

The only time nature hasn’t is after truly cataclysmic events, like the meteor strike near the Yucatán Peninsula that wiped out the dinosaurs, or a volcanic explosions that blow entire islands into dust, or humans hunting passenger pigeons to extinction. But generally speaking, nature is pretty resilient.

More recently, I watched a documentary series on the Great Barrier Reef. In it they related how a sunken ship had, within a few years, developed a mini coral reef, and then when a major storm came through and severely damaged the coral, it only took about five years for it to recover. It appears that even coral is remarkably resilient.

Holocene_Sea_Level.pngAnd by the way, did you know that the Great Barrier Reef only began forming about 10,000 years ago? Before that it was a coastal plain inhabited by an aboriginal Australian tribe, that still, in their traditional songs and dance, remember the rapid sea level rise experienced by their ancestors. The rising sea levels sometimes pushed them back half a kilometre in one year.

Recent_Sea_Level_Rise.pngThe fact is, sea levels have risen over 300 feet during the last 15,000 years, or about 2 feet per century. The current rate of sea level rise is 10 to 12 inches per century. From the graphs I think you’d have to conclude that current sea level rise rates are relatively normal, nevertheless, if you build on a beach you’re eventually going to get flooded.

In a later episode of the documentary on the Great Barrier Reef, they took us to a research facility where Australian scientists are measuring the possible impact on coral, of the warmer water temperatures projected by computer models for 100 years from now. But here’s the crazy thing. Since they didn’t want to take 100 years to test this hypothetical warming, they compressed the time frame to one year! As you might expect, the coral experienced some damage, and now, this bogus experiment informs Australian government policy.

So I thought of an analogous, but hypothetical experiment, to test what happens when you brake a car from 100 kilometres an hour to zero in 300 feet, or 100 meters. downloadExcept there is a brick wall in the way on the test track and you don’t have 100 meters, so you shorten the available braking distance to 1 meter before the wall. Then, using those 1-meter test results, you confidently tell the world what will happen when a car brakes from 100 to zero in 100 meters.

And you wonder why a lot of people don’t trust a lot of 21st century science?

Why would they.

I’m Dave Reesor.

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Billions for Nothing

Dave 07

Once again, on Thursday of last week, Albertans got kicked in the teeth by a national institution. A federal court ruled that even after thousands of witnesses had been heard, and hundreds of millions of dollars had been spent on complying with regulations, this was not sufficient “consultation” to allow a pipeline to proceed that would produce tens of thousands of high paying Canadian jobs.

Only in Canada. Literally. No other country would allow the self-indulgent, holding-up of a project so very much in the national interest.

But in the “post-national”, post-modern, post-thinking Canada of Justin Trudeau and Elizabeth May and John Horgan, and Rachel Notley; yes Rachel Notley, premier of oil dependent Alberta who hired the virulently anti-oil activist Tzepora Berman, as a consultant no less; in that Canada it is quite possible that no significant export-to-tidewater pipeline will be built in the next 20 years.

Yes, we’ll continue to import oil from overseas – from countries with far lower environmental and human rights standards than we have – but we won’t export it overseas. The mindless call it righteous; the mindful call it stupid.

Candice Malcolm had an article in the Sun newspapers recently, and I’d suggest you read it. She found, that once again there’s a growing feeling in the Prairie West, that Canada isn’t working for everyone. The hard reality is that left wing ideology works for no one, except often the self-righteous ideologues themselves. They are the self styled “elites” tasked with guiding we lesser mortals.

Related imageHere’s Candice’s article. 

(By the way, did you ever consider that conservatism in Canada has women like Candace Malcolm, Rona Ambrose, Lisa Rait, Candace Bergen, Michelle Remple, and numerous other brainy and competent women. On the other hand, the left’s female bench includes Elizabeth May, Hedy Fry, Catherine McKenna, Maryam Monsef, Jody Wilson Raybould ……. I could go on, but it might be seen as piling on.)

Anyway, we need a rethink. Maybe we need to focus on building a pipeline from Alberta through the Yukon to an export port in Alaska. Aboriginal lawyer and entrepreneur, Calvin Helin is working on it, and it looks feasible.

Maybe we need an Alberta premier that will get really serious with Ottawa until Ottawa gets really serious about nationwide interests. Maybe we even need a premier that will begin the process of having a referendum on separation. Who knows, it might get Justin Trudeau’s attention – once he gets finished choosing the socks of the day.

And I hesitate to bring it up, but maybe we need a conservative leader in Ottawa who is totally committed to a common-sensically regulated market economy. That’s something we haven’t had in my lifetime.

Canada isn’t even close to living up to its potential, and the fundamental problem is cultural. Whether the West’s decline began the 1930s or in the 1960s, the Marxist left’s “Long slow march through the institutions of the West” has been successful. Education from K through university; the media from television networks and print media to the Internet, and the entertainment industries, are all overwhelmingly dominated by leftists. And apparently, given last weeks ruling, so is the judiciary.

Our entire culture is in chaos. When I say culture, I am not talking about white European culture, but I am talking about a culture structured on Judeo Christian values. People of all ethnic backgrounds and all religions have moved here from all over the world to participate in that culture, and the opportunities that it affords which were missing in their country and culture of birth.

For those of us, including new Canadians, who believe in fundamental freedoms like those of speech, assembly, religion, and in sensibly regulated free enterprise and property ownership, it is now time to begin our own march, back through the institutions of the West.

It will be a long, and sometimes daunting task, but over the next weeks and months, I’m going to tell you how I think it can be done. Because I have a personal belief, that if a thing is good, or necessary, and there’s no intrinsic reason that it can’t be done, then it must be done. If you agree, LIKE and SHARE this post.

I’m Dave Reesor