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That was a good week!

Last week got off to a great start when the United Conservative Party of Alberta ended the NDP’s four-year ideological rampage that promised, among other problematic certainties, a future of massive debt for our offspring and ever increasing uncertainty as to who or what is male or female, or neither. More on that next week. […]

Two Reasons to Not Vote NDP.

Rachel Notley and the NDP came to power in in Alberta four years ago. Here’s why we can’t allow them to have another four years. The NDP inherited a mess in 2015, mostly caused by a collapse in world oil prices, and also the wild spending Progressivists in the former government. But while the petroleum […]

Alberta Election: CULTURE

There are two fundamental issues that Albertans must consider before Alberta’s election on April 16; issues about which we must think carefully, courageously, and completely. And when we’re thinking, we always need to start with facts, then think, then allow emotion, and then, speak, or act/vote. The first issue is; where are Alberta (and Western […]