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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

dwr.jpgMost Western nations have human rights legislation, which in turn conforms to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. But as many people are pointing out, correctly, those very rights are under attack.

Governments are increasingly forcing themselves into people’s lives; telling them what they can say and who they can say it to. They’re forcing parents who wish to educate their children at an institution that supports their personal beliefs, to pay twice; once in their taxes for the public system, and then directly to support the institution that they wish to send their children to. That’s absolutely contrary to Article 26 of The Declaration of Human Rights.

Canada’s Charter has no clause or article guaranteeing a person’s right to own property. And so it goes.

UDofHRCanada is a signatory to the UN Declaration, and yet Canada’s federal government, and its provinces, and even its cities are increasingly chipping away at the rights outlined in The UN Declaration. I thought it would be valuable to provide a copy of Universal Declaration of Human Rights to my readers.

I’ve reformatted what was available on the Internet, and for emphasis, added Bold, and Underline and Italics, to draw your attention to where The Declaration is explicit, and yet governments, often under pressure from radical groups, are passing legislation which runs roughshod over these rights. Even judges, including some all the way to the Supreme Courts, are rendering judgments which, they admit, are contrary to freedom of religion or conscience, speech and assembly.

Fortunately organizations like Parents for Choice (PCE) and  (JCCF) are fighting back, but they need your help.

Please take the time to read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It’s a vital document, and like everything else in Western Society, it’s under attack by Progressivist radicals, and by spineless or brainless politicians.

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