Alberta’s Choices

dwr.jpgRecently, I put up a Facebook post pointing out that Alberta was doing better than other provinces at testing and tracking cases of the CCP, or Chinese Communist Party virus, and that if we had control of our borders we could do much better. I even suggested that we’d be better off as a separate country!

A good friend who lives in Zambia responded that the people in Zambia would look on Canada as a place of opportunity, and security, and that perhaps we should just, “work it out.”

I responded that the citizens of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, DRC, which borders Zambia to the north, and which have an average annual income of $850 would look just as enviously at their Zambian neighbours who have an average income of $4100. And while I haven’t been to Zambia for many years, I would suspect that it’s still safer and far better governed than the DRC.

But that’s all quite beside the point. The issue for any national or sub-national government is not; how well you are doing, but, how well could, or should you be doing? Canada isn’t even coming close to its potential, and is, as a matter of policy, blocking Albertans from reaching theirs.

For 4 ½ years, the Canadian, and for 4 years Alberta’s own government, mindlessly focused on stopping Climate Change, by shutting down Alberta’s oil industry. They’ve been significantly and tragically successful, but even if they’re successful in shutting down Canada’s oil industry completely, it won’t reduce the world’s CO2 emissions by one molecule. The world will simply get its oil from OPEC. And, while busily destroying our own industry, Canada is spending $20 billion a year importing oil. If there were a Stupidity Olympics, Canada and several of its provinces would own the podium.

So, can we, “work it out”? As a young fellow who worked for me many years ago used to say: “It’s highly un-doubtful.”

Can Canada’s Constitution be changed to provide reasonably equal representation in the House of Commons?

Can it be changed to provide an Elected, Equal, and Effective Senate that can block a government from passing legislation unchecked?

Can the equalization formula be changed so that reflects economic reality, and potential, vis-à-vis each province?

Can the judicial system be restructured so that lawyers from across Canada have equal opportunity to sit on higher courts?

Can the law be changed so that Supreme Court Justices do not have to be bilingual, and not be required to live in the Ottawa region? We do have translators and airlines in Canada!

Unequal(Read these numbers carefully. Québec currently gets 50% of equalization, Alberta gets zero. In the past five difficult years, and, under constant attack from fellow Canadians, Alberta has paid a net 100 billion to the federal government)

So, can Canada be reconstructed so that every province and every region of the country is treated equally? Permanently? Irrevocably? To do that, seven out of ten provinces representing at least 50 percent of the population of Canada must agree with every one of the above changes.  That makes it impossible.

So, Alberta’s choices are:

  1. Status quo. If you’re okay with that you don’t live in Alberta, or you’re a masochist.
  2. Create a Canada wherein each citizen is truly, and permanently, equal. In my opinion, impossible. See above.
  3. Join the United States. The thought of an AOC or Sanders as my President, however remote, renders that unthinkable.
  4. Begin the project of leaving Canada and continue that project until our new nation is birthed. I absolutely and sincerely believe that’s the only real choice.

It will be a long and difficult, but not impossible project. And, it’s for our kids and grandkids!

I’m Dave Reesor

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