Rebranding Conservatism

Conservatism and the Conservative Party are in desperate need of re-branding. Former leftists, and “undecideds” have told me that the common view from outside of the conservative wall is that “Conservatives don’t like immigrants, non-whites, or women with power”. It’s nonsense, but like it or not, conservatism’s political opponents, academia, the media, and conservative apathy, have made that the conservative brand to many Canadians. It’s a basic rule in marketing that you’d better brand yourself or your opponents will do it for you. And so they have. It’s time for Conservatives to re-brand themselves.

Now we can! When Conservatives vote for a new leader for the Conservative Party of Canada this August, there’s a radically new option available, and her name is Dr. Leslyn Lewis. She is more than well educated for the job of Prime Minister, with two Masters Degrees in Environment and Business, and two Doctorates in Canadian and International Law. She’s practiced law on Bay Street, established her own law firm, and is a mom. If you read her policies on her website, and please do, you’ll find out that they are carefully thought out, transparently presented, easily defended, and doable. In interviews, she is polite, but resolute and unflappable. Not one of those three middle-aged men still in the race will catch the public’s imagination and re-brand conservatism like Dr. Lewis will.

Any marketer will tell you that “sizzle closes sales”, so here it is again. Dr. Lewis’s remarkable education and experience is extremely appropriate for a Canadian Prime Minister. The facts that she was an immigrant to Canada at age 5, is a woman, and is black are irrelevant to the requirements of the job, but are extremely critical in the sorely needed re-branding of the Conservative party an,d conservatism. Her background takes the old left-wing accusations of xenophobia, racism and misogyny, right off the table. Conservative Party members, remember that as you consider your vote for the new leader.

From reading her policies and watching her videos, I’ve become convinced that the next federal election she’d win votes from moderates across the political spectrum. In fact, a new, independent poll suggests that Canadians overwhelmingly believe that a leader with Dr. Lewis’s personal attributes and qualifications would be the best leader for the Conservatives in the next election. None of the four candidates were named, but the response strongly suggests that Canadians across the board would vote for someone like Dr. Lewis.

In the next federal election Justin Trudeau’s political career can be ended, or it will be extended. Choose wisely Conservatives, it’s up to you!

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She sounds very accomplished, very much unlike . . . that child that likes to throw cash from tents every morning.

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