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Consul SunsetI’m a farm boy (the boy part is ancient history) from Consul, Saskatchewan, who moved to the city over 40 years ago and who still hasn’t managed to wash off the farm. (The sunset is at Consul)

Actually I’ve never really tried. The experience of growing up on a farm, and farming, are fundamental to my worldview.

Besides the essentials of the Christian faith, or what CS Lewis called “Mere Christianity,” I believe in more family and community, and less government; essentially a return to an ethos of “Let’s Do It Ourselves”. I also believe in Meritha, (50 year in 2017); in our children and  grandchildren, and in our new great grandson. I want to leave him an improved world.

I imagesbelieve in global warming and climate change. But history proves that neither is unusual, and that we can adapt. We should focus on cleaning up real pollutants; recognize that CO2 is plant food; and that the white clouds coming out of the chimneys at the oilsands, is water vapor.

I don’t believe the world is overpopulated. I’ve traveled on several continents, including Africa. Africa alone could feed the world.

What the world is overpopulated with is corrupt governments, incompetent self-serving politicians, crony capitalists, corporate welfare bums, (thank you for that phrase David Lewis, a socialist), empire building bureaucrats; and, “Here’s my soul (for $500 an hour)” lawyers. I hasten to add that there are some very good politicians and bureaucrats and capitalists and lawyers.

IWUZ.me  is a personal blog, and while most of the topics are about competing political world views, some are of a more personal nature, on social or occasionally, religious world views.

The other thing that keeps me busy is an online community called Let’s Do It Ourselves. If you are concerned about the overreach of government, LDIO is for you! Our core  belief is that governments have grown to the point that they have become a huge net negative. They’re just too big, too expensive, and too often, destructive.

Our purpose is to provide a focal point through which citizens and organizations can Cooperate and Contribute, and, Communicate the essentials of Conservatism.

If you agree that we’re on the wrong path, please JOIN the Let’s Do It Ourselves community in a thoughtful battle against destructive, left wing ideology.

Just consider the chaos left in the wake of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society and Pierre Trudeau’s Just Society. Both were government initiatives started with the admirable intention of lifting people from poverty; instead they have trapped generation after generation in poverty. Socialism is based on aspirations; Conservatism is based on reality.

So as Joan Rivers used to say: “Can we talk?” – about many things. I truly value your feedback, positive or negative.

Here’s to our ongoing conversation!

Dave Reesor

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