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Transformative Politician Needed. One Is Available!

dwr.jpgOnce in a lifetime, perhaps only once in two or three lifetimes, a transformative politician comes along and sets a country in a new direction. Margaret Thatcher comes to mind. She became British Prime Minister in 1979 when the nation was in social disarray, and economic peril, and had sunk from a leading position during World War II to where Britain was commonly referred to as “The Sick Man of Europe”. Margaret Thatcher took on the unions, and socialism, and transformed Britain back into Europe’s most important nation, with London again as the world’s most important city after New York.

More recently, Hugo Chavez and his socialist comrades, successfully, but in the wrong direction, transformed Venezuela from the wealthiest country in South America to the poorest, in just 20 years!

Canada’s Pierre Trudeau came close to Chavez’s record. First elected in 1968, the socialist policies he initiated had by 1993, transformed Canada from an economic success to an massively indebted nation where 4/10 of every tax dollar was spent on interest on the debt.  in January 1995, the Wall Street Journal declared Canada an honorary member of the Third World.

JT  bestNow, for 4 ½ years we have endured Pierre Trudeau’s offspring who  theatrically declared that he would: “Grow the economy from the heart outward” and that “The federal budget will balance itself.” Instead, his policies have driven hundreds of billions of dollars of investment, and tens of thousands of jobs from Canada. A third term of Justin’s “growing” and “balancing” act would leave Canada in the same position as Venezuela. Transformation is critical!

DSC5610_2-removebgEnter Dr. Leslyn Lewis If Dr. Lewis is elected leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, she will be the most transformative Prime Minister since Pierre Trudeau, only transformative in the right direction. And she will beat Justin Trudeau quite easily as a large, independent, randomized poll recently proved. Here’s the exact question posed to  Canadians.

Below are four biographies.Choose the one you think would be best to lead the Conservative Party of Canada in the next election:

Male. Former MP and Cabinet Minister. Lawyer. Former Crown Prosecutor. Former leader of a political party. Non-visible minority.

Male. Current MP and former Cabinet Minister. Air Force veteran. Lawyer. Non-visible minority.

Male. Current first-term MP. Lawyer and former small business owner. Non-visible minority.

Female. Lawyer and entrepreneur. PhD in law and Masters in Environmental studies. Visible minority.

The result? Leslyn Lewis beat each of McKay, O’Toole and Sloan by over 2 to 1 overall, and by even wider margins with WOMEN, and nearly 3 to 1 with MILLENNIALS! This is solid majority win territory!

To check out the survey, Search and then MENU. Click on MEDIA. Choose NEWSLETTERS from the dropdown, and scroll down to, LESLYN CAN WIN! Also check out MILLENNIALS, and WOMEN. There are many more excellent and encouraging articles.

Stay on MEDIA, or follow the sames steps to MEDIA and drop down to MEDIA where there are many interviews and newspaper articles. If you like what you see, and I’ve even had NDP supporters tell me that they do, then share her website link directly, or Like, and Share this blog. And talk to your friends and family! Leslyn started in January as a political unknown but her visibility is rocketing up. She’s clearly what is needed to rebrand the Conservative Party, and WIN. We need to help her increase her visibility, so she can win the leadership of the Conservative Party in August, and then end Justin’s political career, permanently, in the next federal election!

Have a great summer!



Rebranding Conservatism

Conservatism and the Conservative Party are in desperate need of re-branding. Former leftists, and “undecideds” have told me that the common view from outside of the conservative wall is that “Conservatives don’t like immigrants, non-whites, or women with power”. It’s nonsense, but like it or not, conservatism’s political opponents, academia, the media, and conservative apathy, have made that the conservative brand to many Canadians. It’s a basic rule in marketing that you’d better brand yourself or your opponents will do it for you. And so they have. It’s time for Conservatives to re-brand themselves.

Now we can! When Conservatives vote for a new leader for the Conservative Party of Canada this August, there’s a radically new option available, and her name is Dr. Leslyn Lewis. She is more than well educated for the job of Prime Minister, with two Masters Degrees in Environment and Business, and two Doctorates in Canadian and International Law. She’s practiced law on Bay Street, established her own law firm, and is a mom. If you read her policies on her website, and please do, you’ll find out that they are carefully thought out, transparently presented, easily defended, and doable. In interviews, she is polite, but resolute and unflappable. Not one of those three middle-aged men still in the race will catch the public’s imagination and re-brand conservatism like Dr. Lewis will.

Any marketer will tell you that “sizzle closes sales”, so here it is again. Dr. Lewis’s remarkable education and experience is extremely appropriate for a Canadian Prime Minister. The facts that she was an immigrant to Canada at age 5, is a woman, and is black are irrelevant to the requirements of the job, but are extremely critical in the sorely needed re-branding of the Conservative party an,d conservatism. Her background takes the old left-wing accusations of xenophobia, racism and misogyny, right off the table. Conservative Party members, remember that as you consider your vote for the new leader.

From reading her policies and watching her videos, I’ve become convinced that the next federal election she’d win votes from moderates across the political spectrum. In fact, a new, independent poll suggests that Canadians overwhelmingly believe that a leader with Dr. Lewis’s personal attributes and qualifications would be the best leader for the Conservatives in the next election. None of the four candidates were named, but the response strongly suggests that Canadians across the board would vote for someone like Dr. Lewis.

In the next federal election Justin Trudeau’s political career can be ended, or it will be extended. Choose wisely Conservatives, it’s up to you!

I’m Dave Reesor

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Calgary’s Insane Bylaw

dwr.jpgTo North Americans that have kept their minds throughout 50 years of postmodernism, it’s become increasingly clear that many Californians have lost theirs. A couple of legislators in “going broke” California are proposing spending $15 million subsidizing so-called gender transitioning therapy and surgery.

Laura Perry is going to testify against the spending. About a decade ago she had a double mastectomy because she believed that she was a man trapped in a woman’s body. She thought it was going to change her life, but says she was devastated when she realized that her surgery actually hadn’t made her a man. She says that her suicidal thoughts and those of many in a similar situation, were actually worse after the so-called treatment.

Another person opposing the bill is Dr. Quentin L. Van Meter, a board-certified Pediatric Endocrinologist with 40 years of experience. He says: “Biological bedrock science proves that human beings are binary sexual beings with complementary anatomy that is intended to facilitate procreation.”

I’ve been saying the same thing, albeit slightly differently. “Human beings evolved, or were created, or were created by evolution, to mate heterosexually. That is not only the natural order of things in our species, but it is in every animal species, and even in many plant species. Sexual attraction or gender identification outside of that order, is disorder. In fact, children who believe that they’re not the gender with which they were born, are scientifically referred to as having GID, or Gender Identity Disorder. Likewise, those sexually attracted to the same sex have a sexual attraction disorder.”

That biological observation in no way suggests or excuses mistreatment or discrimination against people with those disorders. I believe that now, and I lived it nearly 60 years ago. Hanging out with a gay friend, now, is trendy. In Calgary in 1963, not so much.


Dr SohScience is based on facts, and as a Calgarian, I find it embarrassing that our City Counselors are traveling that same intellectually incoherent path through the postmodern wilderness as those California legislators. They’re pursuing a nanny-state bylaw that forbids individuals from receiving counseling that might help them leave a lifestyle that they are uncomfortable with. But those same individuals, and even little children, are encouraged to receive counseling that affirms them in living a life of sexual identity or attraction disorder. Quack surgeons in the LGBT movement are performing mastectomies on little girls as young as thirteen.

The assertion by radical activists in the LGBT community, that no one ever truly leaves the LGBT lifestyle, is a lie. I’ve been to several conferences where there were many individuals who testified that they had, and I’ve had personal conversations with them. Do some research and you’ll find thousands.

Here’s a reality check. I had a friend who lived a straight life until he was in his late forties, and then came out that he had spent his life feeling like he was a female trapped in a male body. So about 15 years ago he took the hormones. Then was legally mutilated by a surgeon who assured him that he was now a woman. Two years later he confided to me it had been a horrible mistake and that henceforth he would live as what he was, a man minus his genitals.

My friend’s story should make you cry, and it should make you angry. Because Calgary counselors are now saying that what happened to my friend was acceptable, but, that if he was now in the same situation and sought counseling to help him live by his DNA, his counselor could be fined, and jailed. Pardon me for being so blunt, but you have to have stepped across the border, into insanity, to believe that that is rational.

I’m Dave Reesor

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Calgary City Counselors. Every one of them has voted positively for the bylaw banning therapy. Let’s remember to vote to positively throw them all out at the next election.

City Council

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A critical day for this century.

dwr.jpgNo, that’s not an exaggeration. Today is that critical day because it’s the last day that you can buy a membership in the Conservative Party of Canada, and you need that membership to be able to vote on a new leader in August. And that vote will hopefully set a new direction for Canada, and particularly Alberta and Saskatchewan, for the rest of this century.

There is no question that for the last 60 years, Canada has been a declining power. In World Wars I and II, Canada punched well above its weight, and gained enormous respect internationally. Even in the1950 – 1953 Korean War, 700 Canadians successfully fought off 5000 Chinese Communist soldiers at the battle of Kapyong Valley. Without the heroes of Kapyong, Seoul may well have been recaptured and Kim Jong Un would now be running all of Korea and being an even bigger menace than he is now. And in 1957 Canadian diplomacy was instrumental in heading off a major conflict involving Egypt and the Communist world, and Israel, the United States, Great Britain and France.

JT ClownBut since then Canada has drifted into increasing irrelevancy until we’ve  arrived at the point where Canada’s Prime Minister is regarded, by serious people, as an un-serious clown on the world stage. Unless there is a Conservative Party of Canada win in the next federal election, the downward slide will continue.

Even if you’re a western separatist, as I am, we are going to be stuck within Canada for the next ten to fifteen years, and, be beside Canada thereafter. Considering the amount of damage the Liberal government has done to us in the last four years,  I shudder to think of what they could do to us with another eight or ten years. It’s critically important to the West that they are turfed from office at the earliest possible opportunity.

Today, Friday, May 15 is the last day that you can buy a membership in the Conservative Party of Canada, and without that membership you cannot vote for the next leader. And the next Conservative leader is going to be critical to Canada and to Albertans, including separatists. I’m sure you’re aware that we’ll have a choice of four leaders, but that’s for after today, until August 21. Today, if you don’t already have a membership you can get one here.

And if you can’t get around to it, allow me to be a bit blunt. If you don’t like the result after the next federal election will you promise not to complain about it?

But, if you agree that our descendant’s future hangs on the next election, please forward this to your entire email list.

I’m Dave Reesor

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Michael Moore Bombs His Buddies

dwr.jpgAs you would expect, radical environmentalist, Michael Moore’s latest documentary, The Planet of the Humans is all over the news lately.

Actually, not so much, and here’s why.

Moore and his associate Jeff Gibbs are lifelong, left-wing environmental extremists of the ‘Human burning of fossil fuels is causing atmospheric CO2 levels to increase, and that’s causing the climate to warm up rapidly, and that’s leading to catastrophic climate change, and the only thing that will save us to abandon fossil fuels and switch to renewable energy’ variety.

Moore and GibbsAlmost everything about that statement is provably wrong. But, environmental icons, Moore and Gibbs have now released a jaw-dropping documentary which actually takes on those renewables, and proves that they’re a scam.  The people being scammed of course, are us; the taxpayers who’ve been subsidizing this racket from the start.

For decades, headlines in the mainstream media have been dominated by the promise of solar and wind, but in fact, they still make up a tiny fraction of so-called renewable energy production. Overwhelmingly, renewables mean biomass, which originally was supposed to come from wood waste, and certain grasses.

But there’s not even close to enough of those, and so massive tracts of forest are being run through chippers, and artificially being turned into wood waste, and then burned in furnaces that produce massive amounts of CO2. (That’s the only upside to all this because more atmospheric CO2 is good for plant growth.) In the tropics, forests are being bulldozed and turned into palm oil plantations, which permanently destroys biodiversity. The destruction is sickening, but by comparison, reforestation of mined-out oilsands sites at Fort McMurray actually increases biodiversity.

So why are billionaires investing in “renewables”? Well let’s just say that people like Al Gore, and Tom Stier, and the Rockefeller foundation and the other staggeringly wealthy, phony environmentalists, don’t come off looking too good in this documentary. Their motivation for being in the renewables racket is revealed as being pure, unadulterated, greed.

Look carefully at this graph of energy sources until 2015. Coal, natural gas, and oil currently supply about 80% of our energy needs, and the demand is rising. The almost invisible sliver at the bottom is wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass combined. Anyone that says that the top three, fossil fuels which make up over 80% of energy sources, are a dying industry, is quite literally, delusional. And for that delusion they destroyed Alberta’s economy.Energy sources

So, expect the mainstream media to ignore Moore’s documentary, or else come out with blaring headlines like this one from the reliably left wing, Manchester Guardian. “Climate experts call for ‘dangerous’ Michael Moore film to be taken down.” You know, like they’d do in China.

When it comes to climate, or green ideology, the Guardian has exactly the same level of credibility as the New York Times, Toronto Star, the CBC, or any other mainstream media, which is exactly zero.

I strongly urge you to watch the documentary, and Share it with everybody on your mailing list, and on social media. Just click on the link above.

DSC5610_2-removebgAs you know, we’re backing Leslyn Lewis for CPOC leader. She happens to have a Masters in environmental studies, and I believe she will take the Michael Moore/Jeff Gibbs documentary seriously. It’s the perfect opportunity for Conservatives to promote the position that we must rethink this mad rush to green energy before we spend any more money on it. At least, that’s what I’m hoping will happen.

I’m Dave Reesor

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Singaporeans sacrifice some freedoms for security

dwr.jpgWe really hope that you are all staying safe, and reasonably sane during this difficult time! We took the car out yesterday because we had something to drop off, on the doorstep, at a client’s home, and then we washed the car. When we got home, we joked that that was our road trip for the week, about 20 km. At our current rate we’re getting about three weeks to the gallon.

On the virus front, some good news is that we’re told that Alberta is, at the moment, testing about 4000 people per day, more per capita than anywhere else in the world. And by the end of May the target is 20,000 people per day! South Korea with 51 million people is currently testing 10,000 people per day, down from 20,000 at the height of their crisis.

But 27 South Korean companies are currently manufacturing 350,000 test kits per day, and that will increase to an eye-popping 1 million test kits per day within the next few weeks. Many of them will come to Alberta, and Canada. One Korean company has developed a testing kit that can check nasal discharge for the presence of the virus within 10 minutes. It is approximately 85% accurate, and the test can be taken at home.

Singapore has had some remarkable success in combating the virus because they have actually been preparing for the last 15 years, while most Western countries have been talking about preparing. In this current pandemic, the Canadian government, and others, went so far as to listen to the WHO which in turn got its information from the Chinese Communist Party, which we now know has lied repeatedly.

SingaporeAnyway, here’s a video discussion with one of the key people in Singapore’s success. It’s about 30 minutes, but it’s absolutely fascinating, informative, and thought-provoking. One caveat about the video; in passing it implies that the Lee family and their political party have been in power since 1965 because there is no opposition. In fact, there are several opposition parties, but the Lee governments have been so successful in creating a balance between somewhat limited freedom and corruption free, entrepreneurial government, that Singaporeans keep electing them. You might not agree with their approach.

If you have personal protocols that you’ve developed to keep yourself safe from the virus, please share them with us! And if you know of good local sources for masks, we’re looking for some, and we’re sure others on this mailing list are as well.

Stay safe!

Dave and Meritha


Alberta’s Choices

dwr.jpgRecently, I put up a Facebook post pointing out that Alberta was doing better than other provinces at testing and tracking cases of the CCP, or Chinese Communist Party virus, and that if we had control of our borders we could do much better. I even suggested that we’d be better off as a separate country!

A good friend who lives in Zambia responded that the people in Zambia would look on Canada as a place of opportunity, and security, and that perhaps we should just, “work it out.”

I responded that the citizens of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, DRC, which borders Zambia to the north, and which have an average annual income of $850 would look just as enviously at their Zambian neighbours who have an average income of $4100. And while I haven’t been to Zambia for many years, I would suspect that it’s still safer and far better governed than the DRC.

But that’s all quite beside the point. The issue for any national or sub-national government is not; how well you are doing, but, how well could, or should you be doing? Canada isn’t even coming close to its potential, and is, as a matter of policy, blocking Albertans from reaching theirs.

For 4 ½ years, the Canadian, and for 4 years Alberta’s own government, mindlessly focused on stopping Climate Change, by shutting down Alberta’s oil industry. They’ve been significantly and tragically successful, but even if they’re successful in shutting down Canada’s oil industry completely, it won’t reduce the world’s CO2 emissions by one molecule. The world will simply get its oil from OPEC. And, while busily destroying our own industry, Canada is spending $20 billion a year importing oil. If there were a Stupidity Olympics, Canada and several of its provinces would own the podium.

So, can we, “work it out”? As a young fellow who worked for me many years ago used to say: “It’s highly un-doubtful.”

Can Canada’s Constitution be changed to provide reasonably equal representation in the House of Commons?

Can it be changed to provide an Elected, Equal, and Effective Senate that can block a government from passing legislation unchecked?

Can the equalization formula be changed so that reflects economic reality, and potential, vis-à-vis each province?

Can the judicial system be restructured so that lawyers from across Canada have equal opportunity to sit on higher courts?

Can the law be changed so that Supreme Court Justices do not have to be bilingual, and not be required to live in the Ottawa region? We do have translators and airlines in Canada!

Unequal(Read these numbers carefully. Québec currently gets 50% of equalization, Alberta gets zero. In the past five difficult years, and, under constant attack from fellow Canadians, Alberta has paid a net 100 billion to the federal government)

So, can Canada be reconstructed so that every province and every region of the country is treated equally? Permanently? Irrevocably? To do that, seven out of ten provinces representing at least 50 percent of the population of Canada must agree with every one of the above changes.  That makes it impossible.

So, Alberta’s choices are:

  1. Status quo. If you’re okay with that you don’t live in Alberta, or you’re a masochist.
  2. Create a Canada wherein each citizen is truly, and permanently, equal. In my opinion, impossible. See above.
  3. Join the United States. The thought of an AOC or Sanders as my President, however remote, renders that unthinkable.
  4. Begin the project of leaving Canada and continue that project until our new nation is birthed. I absolutely and sincerely believe that’s the only real choice.

It will be a long and difficult, but not impossible project. And, it’s for our kids and grandkids!

I’m Dave Reesor

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Meeting the Corona Challenge

dwr.jpgDear friends

The world has changed. I believe much of the change will be permanent, and while it is tragic for those that lose loved ones from the virus, I believe that much of the change will be for the good. For us, one great thing is that our kids and grandkids have been delivering food to us while we’ve been under quarantine for the last two weeks after getting home from the US. Our oldest granddaughter was by again this afternoon with several grocery bags, the third or fourth time we’ve seen her in two weeks. She’s usually working, and full-time in university, so we’re just fine with this! For many of us, this will be a time to spend more time connecting with family and friends.

.jpegA geopolitical plus is that this virus has thrown a massive wrench into the gears of China’s expansionist ambitions. Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping and his gang have caused the Chinese people to lose face around the world, and they won’t like it. The virus is not their fault, and I think that Mr. Xi will pay a price for his lies and incompetence, and will look back on 2020 as his annus horribilus, as Queen Elizabeth once referred to a particularly bad year.

Best of all, I think that this pandemic will help us focus on the things that we can do, together, as individuals and families and communities. Yesterday I was working on a blog in which I used John Donne’s famous quote: “No man is an island”, etc.. But I modified it this way.

No person or family is an island entire of itself; every person or family is a piece of the continent, a part of the main;

if a clod be washed away by the sea, the continent is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as any manner of thy friends or of thine own were;

any person’s isolation or sickness or death diminishes me, because I am involved in humanity.

MTE5-john-donne-8Then today, from a friend in Ottawa, I serendipitously received the link to this well written article inspired by the poetry of John Donne. My friend identifies himself as an agnostic, and although the writer apparently is a Christian, this article will appeal to people of all faiths or no faith.

Stay safe, and look after each other!





Lessons from Zimbabwe


In the late 1980s and early 1990s I had the privilege of making five extensive business trips to Africa, selling the rail car servicing equipment we had developed. I visited Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. In Zimbabwe I made a couple of good friends, Fred and Jenny Keane-Young who lived in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second largest city and head office for Zimbabwe Railways. Fred was the Assistant Chief Mechanical Officer for Zimbabwe Railways.

Southern Rhodesia had achieved its independence from Britain in 1980, and had changed the name to Zimbabwe, and changed the name of its capital, Salisbury to Harare. Its first president and the one who remained in power until recently, was the notorious Robert Mugabe.

Zimbabwe countryside

Most people know Zimbabwe as a poor African country, but it was not always so. In fact, in the decades before Mugabe took over, Zimbabwe was known as “the bread basket of Africa”. It is a spectacularly beautiful country, incredibly rich in agricultural and natural resources. But Mugabe was a Marxist/socialist, and the deterioration set in almost immediately. Mugabe’s obsession was taking land from white farmers and giving it to black farmers, particularly his family and cronies. Almost none of them knew anything about agriculture, and besides were taken up in business and politics, and so neglected their farms. When I first arrived nine years later the decline was well underway, and starkly observable.

Zimbabwe home

Fred and I used to go out to the villages in Matabeleland on the weekends, where he and Jenny had set up, for lack of a better term, little missions in dozens of villages, with a store where the locals could buy staple goods at significant less cost, and without having to walk 10 or 15 miles to a store in town.

Fred and I would talk about all sorts of things, including the sad fact that he had major problem in talking the villagers out of practicing female genital mutilation. It was embedded in their culture.

Fred’s superior at Zimbabwe Railways, the Chief Mechanical Officer, was of course a black African. (Fred was African born, so he was an African too, but the wrong colour.) This CMO had been educated in Russia, and immersed in Mugabe’s Marxist ideology, and so that was his worldview. But then, Fred told me, a few years earlier the CMO had been sent to a conference in East Germany, and on his way home had visited West Germany. Fred said that when he returned, he called Fred into his office, looked at him across the desk and said: “They’ve lied to us.” Reality had bitten the head off his Marxism.


Another anecdote. Emerson Mnangagwa was Mugabe’s Minister of State Security, and, Minister of Justice, and had a well deserved reputation as a nasty and ruthless enforcer. I was sitting on a plane waiting to fly from Harare to Bulawayo and chatting with the fellow in the seat next to me. He was a businessman and of course had some concerns about the direction the country was going. As we chatted, a convoy of black Mercedes-Benz rolled up beside the plane, and out of the lead car stepped a rather menacing looking individual. My seatmate lowered his voice and said: “We have to stop talking now.” I asked why and he said: “That’s Emerson Mnangagwa, and he’s dangerous.” (He’s now Zimbabwe’s president)

Canada is not quite there yet, but my point is that Robert Mugabe’s worldview was Marxist/socialist, totalitarian in nature, and anti-business unless it was businesses owned by his family, and cronies, or supportive of him and his friends.

J T beard

I would argue that the government currently in charge in


Ottawa, and recently voted for by 65% of Canadians, is the Liberals supported by the Greens and the NDP. They’re all friendly to Marxist/socialist ideology, totalitarianism, and supportive mainly of businesses owned by family and friends or political supporters. (photos are Justin Trudeau and one of his totalitarian heroes.)

On the other hand, they’ve proven to be sanguine or even dismissive about a wide range of human rights. They also have no problem with creating or allowing the conditions whereby Alberta’s main industry, oil and gas, has been decimated, and taken down with it tens of thousands more businesses and individuals.

Like I said, were not quite there yet, but were well on our way. It’s time to leave!

I’m Dave Reesor

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Gender Fluidity Debunked

dwr.jpgGender fluidity is a big deal these days. Self-styled progressives, I call them Progressivists because there’s nothing progressive about them, are trying to convince everyone from little children to athletes and politicians, that gender is nothing more than a social construct and we can be any gender we want, depending on how we feel when we get up in the morning. Sexual Progressivists are now suggesting that there are over 100 genders, although the number seems to be as fluid as they claim gender itself is.

Of course it’s complete nonsense, and would be funny except that it is terribly dangerous. They’re into our schools and kindergartens – there are actually doctors who boast that they start transitioning little kids as young as three – and famous Hollywood stars tell the world that they’re raising their child gender-neutral. There’s nothing progressive about it; it’s child abuse disguised as a virtue signalling.

It’s happening around the Western world, but even here in conservative Calgary, our City Council voted 100% in favor of bringing forth a statute that would bar a person with a gender disorder, wanting to leave that lifestyle, from seeking any sort of counseling including from their pastor or psychiatrist. This in the spite of the fact that multiplied thousands have successfully left such a lifestyle.

At the same time these woke politicians seem to be totally fine with quack psychiatrists encouraging gender transitioning and quack surgeons cutting the genitals from a male and cosmetically making him into a female. I have a friend who had it done. He told me was the biggest mistake of his life.

Dr. Debra Soh is an expert, and sort of a Jordan Peterson in the area of sex. She’s committed to truth! The interviewer in this short video is occasionally crude, but Dr. Soh is obviously an expert and completely professional, and she destroys the notion that babies are born gender-neutral and that it’s just parents and teachers in society that train them to be feminine or masculine.

Dr Soh

But if you live anywhere in Western Society there are radicals like Alberta’s Dr. Kris Wells, (he supervised a government of Alberta website, available to children as young as five, that included multiple links to pornography. I blogged about it here, and it was read thousands of times in nearly 50 countries)… and the ones that run your teacher’s unions, whose agenda is to sexually confuse our kids.

You need to know.

I’m Dave Reesor

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