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Battles. Trudeau vs the West, Trump vs Biden

I looked this up. The Prime Minister … “… determines the general direction of Government’s activities ….”

So what is the general direction of the Liberal government’s activities under leadership of Justin Trudeau? If you can go by the past five years and the recent throne speech, and his follow-up content-less address to the nation, and his further follow-up, platitude-ridden address to the United Nations, it would seem that Canada’s direction is Progressivist virtue signalling, full throttle, at any cost.

And away from the interests of Alberta and Saskatchewan, and consequently, the interests of Canada. We’re going green! green! green!, with absolutely no regard for or recognition of the disastrous “going green” experiences of Ontario and Germany and Japan. Instead of only Ontario residents experiencing massive increases in their cost of heat and electricity, the Trudeau government wants equality of misery for all Canadians. Besides, it’s well-established that “going green” isn’t green.

M998.51.1 | Pierre Elliott Trudeau's Famous Finger | Drawing, cartoon | Serge Chapleau | McCord MuseumRather than recognizing the centrality of the petroleum industry to Alberta’s economy and to Canada’s economic well-being, Justin Trudeau has kicked sand in Albertan’s faces, again. Or perhaps flipped us the bird like his father did 50 years ago. There was absolutely nothing in the throne speech to help Alberta in its dire straights in spite of the fact that Albertans have contributed over 600 billion net dollars to Canada over the past 60 years.

Trudeau almost seems determined to give Albertans justification to separate. It’s working, and if Justin Trudeau or Jason Kenney think the separatist movement is a myth, or that it’s just people blowing off steam, they need to give their heads a shake. When you have world class economists like Jack Mintz saying that it might become the only option, then you’d better take it seriously! As I’ve said before, when people in Québec voted, many knew that Québec couldn’t afford to go. Albertans are increasingly aware that they can’t afford to stay.

And a brief note on the US Presidential election. Over the past couple of months, it’s been well-established, by Joe Biden, that Joe Biden is a racist. (To a black journalist Biden said that if he, the black journalist, wasn’t voting Democrat, he wasn’t black.) It’s also well-established that he’s fond of fondling, and  there is credible evidence that he committed rape. (The woman who accuses him is willing to take a lie detector test. Joe Biden isn’t.) The Ukrainian and Chinese revelations are also well on the way to establishing that he is also blatantly corrupt.

And while Biden is unable to point to any significant accomplishment during his 48 years in public office, in just three years Trump was able to: Establish a roaring US economy with record low black unemployment, record high black employment, new investment in the blighted inner cities where Democrats rule but have done nothing, brought in reforms that released thousands of over sentenced prisoners, read the riot act to China regarding their intellectual property theft and unfair trade practices, and called out NATO members for reneging on their commitment to spend 2% of their GDP on defense. I’m not a Trump the person fan, but I am definitely a Trump the President fan.

I know a number of people that exhibit full blown Trump Derangement Syndrome, which means being incapable, and I mean, literally incapable, of acknowledging any of the positive things that Trump has done. It’s a troubling phenomenon and I suspect that some day it will become the subject of psychological studies.

Anyway, that’s the view from here. Meritha is making good progress after her cancer surgery, and in a couple of months she’ll be fit, and spoiled, and rebuilding the honey-do list, and…….I’m in trouble!

I’m Dave Reesor

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Black lives matter? Not to BLM.

dwr.jpgAs I proposed in a previous blog entitled: Racism is Other-ism, I believe that racism, and racist, are very misleading terms and they start us down the wrong path. We are all the same race. A better term is, “Other-ism”, looking at people of “other” ethnicity,  tribe, gender, caste, profession; whatever “other” that we can use to make ourselves feel superior, and therefore better. The propensity to this nasty, pride induced habit – let’s call it a sin – is found in every human heart, and that’s where we have to fight it.

In spite of the chaos of the summer of 2020, which is being excused by the killing of George Floyd, most Other-ism is largely ignored. Marxism inspired, anarchic and terrorist organizations like Black Lives Matter, and the crypto-fascist, Antifa, and professional race-baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, ignore, as does the media, the dozens of black lives being lost each month, in cities like Chicago, and Detroit, and Baltimore, every one of them, incidentally, is run by Democrats. Look it up if you think I made it up.

If the sad plight of such a significant portion of black Americans is based on their blackness, why are so many other black Americans doing so well? The black community in the United States, and Canada, has leaders in every industry, a solid middle class, and a significant number of billionaires. Immigrants to the United States, from from South and East Asia, and Nigeria, are more successful, on average, than white Americans.  Every Nigerian that I’ve met is black, so the problem clearly isn’t colour. What it is, is culture, and the US clearly has two very distinct black cultures, with cynical influencers like Oprah Winfrey trying to play on both sides.

One black culture is not all that much different from the broader American culture. People speak English, dress appropriately for whatever occasion, treat everyone  with respect, and get on with their lives. The other black culture is loosely based on hip-hop, and sadly, it’s influence has made its way into the general population. Clear English is literally frowned upon, males can’t muster the energy to pull their pants up, even for job interviews, and they refer to their wives and girlfriends as bitches and hoes. You want respect? Show some. On the Internet a few weeks ago, there was a picture of a couple of black mothers with children about six or seven years old. The children were holding signs saying: “F**k the Police”. Here’s a suggestion. Don’t want your kids to end up in the morgue? You might want to rethink that sign.

And why the violence? Because openly Marxist/Fascist organizations like Black Lives Matter, and Antifa, and race-baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have discovered that fomenting violence gets them headlines, and lots of money from guilt ridden and supposedly “woke”, but intellectually catatonic white liberals.

Candace OwensIt’s encouraging to see that increasing numbers of black Americans are rejecting the hip-hop culture and tribalistically voting Democrat, and are listening to thought leaders like Candace Owens, Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, and Jason L Riley. Long live that revolution! And by the way you Americans, Candace Owens for POTUS in 2032!

I’m Dave Reesor

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Me Too, Korean-ized

DW 1

It’s been just over a year since the “Me Too” movement got it’s start after revelations that Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein, was a sexual predator. Since then, dozens of  big names in Hollywood and Washington and on the international stage, have been implicated for misogynistic and piggish behavior towards women. Until exposed, Hollywood’s actresses loved these guys, in spite of knowing of their misdeeds.

Has it ever occurred to you that about 90% of those accused have been self-styled “Progressivists”? Democrats?You know, the guys that strut and preen and brag about their feminist bona fides? Even Donald Trump’s most outrageous statements and actions were in his days as a Democrat. Thankfully, he’s gradually becoming a conservative.

Since the days of the Kennedys, John, Bobby and Teddy (Democrats), self styled “Progressivists” have overwhelmingly cornered the market for sexual misconduct in Western politics and entertainment. I blogged about it in more detail a few weeks ago.

The female response has been the Me Too movement. Sadly it includes women like Naomi Judd yelling: “I am a naasty woman!” – I agree wholeheartedly – and some other 3d wave feminists making their statement by wearing pussy hats. It does make a statement, but it’s more along the lines of: “Look; I’m an idiot!”

Many of you know that Meritha and I enjoy international television shows and movies. We’ve traveled the world on Netflix, but for the past couple of years have mostly been Netflixing and net-streaming Korean TV series and movies, and even listening to their music. It’s several levels classier and in our opinion better, than Hollywood.

One of our favourite performers is Ji-eun Lee, better known by her stage name, IU. Just 26, she’s an accomplished actress with an inspiring personal story, but is also a musical superstar across Asia. IU2Her latest video is called BBI BBI, (think a referee’s Beep Beep), and soccer’s yellow C A R D. Get 2, and you’re out!

BBI BBI is IU’s version of a polemic against creepy guys, and over-intrusive fans and their endless gossip; a creative and classy, but also very cutting way of setting boundaries. She repeatedly sings: “Hello Stu- P I D”, implying that these stupid abusers are probably so stupid, that they need help spelling stupid. Here is an interesting analysis of the lyrics.

Misogyny and backstabbing is a huge problem in Asia, and IU addresses it head on. And you’ll be impressed by the fact that she does it without swearing. Well, to be truthful, one time “mi’gosh” does slip out. The video with English subtitles is available here)

(Here’s she’s quite different, a bit old fashioned, but the Millennials seem to love it.)

By way of contrast, if you want to see what American pop music is providing to your kids, try these lyrics by Nikki Minaj. Language Warning! I learned about this because one of our granddaughters was pressured, by her teacher, to dance to this salacious garbage for a high school production.

Back to real feminism as I understand it. I was raised in a home where, when mom was busy and Dad had time, he helped with the housework. My grandfather, who was born in 1884, did the same for my grandmother. I never heard either my father or grandfather raise their voice to their wives. And neither of them paraded their “feminism”, because they wouldn’t have known what it meant.

To me, what real feminism is all about is recognizing the important fact, that men and women are different – vive la difference! — but must be treated equally in relationships, and before the law. And in any male-female relationship, mutual respect must be the order of the day. I think that sort of feminism will work!

American feminists with their ridiculous antics, and entertainers with their foul lyrics need to be shunned, and alternatives found. Meritha and I have found that it’s a very rewarding task.

I’m Dave Reesor

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