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A Brilliant Interview!

Dear friends

First of all, my apologies for going such a long time between blogs. As many of you know, this September Meritha had a successful Whipple operation for pancreatic cancer, but she still has very serious chemo treatment ahead of her. I’ve had issues this year, also with cancer, (squamous cell carcinoma), and more recently with a diagnosis of severe stenosis of the spine – operation about nine months out – and double hernias – first operation about five months out. So it’s been multiple doctor’s visits each week.

On November 14, I published a blog called The Road to Zimbabwe. In it I suggested that no matter who wins, the US election must be seen to be fair and legal with every legitimate vote counted, and every illegitimate vote rejected. (Nearly 10% of Democrats say there was corruption.) The blatant corruption in the US election, and the dismissive attitude of the current Canadian government to political norms and regulations, are very worrying trends. (I had previously blogged Lessons from Zimbabwe as it relates to the decline of Canada)

I made five fairly extensive trips to Zimbabwe during the second decade of the Robert Mugabe regime, and it was sad to watch the mindless destruction of a once beautiful and prosperous country. If you think it can’t happen in Canada or the US, think again! It is happening. Just ask the citizens of Portland Oregon, or San Francisco.

Serendipitously, a few nights ago, Meritha and I watched Candace Owens in a wide-ranging interview with Melissa Tate, a woman who grew up in Zimbabwe and then moved to the United States. These are two extremely bright, very articulate women, discussing some of the most critical issues of our time.

This interview should be watched by every adult person in the Western world, no matter on which side of the political fence you sit. Please, encourage your children and grandchildren to watch it, especially if they are at all enthralled by socialism. Ms. Tate lived it.

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Have a wonderful Christmas season!

Dave Reesor

November 2020 US Election Politics US Politics

The Road to Zimbabwe

From Screwtape Letters, C. S. Lewis   A senior devil advising an apprentice on turning people, (and nations) towards Hell.

“Indeed, the safest road to Hell is the gradual one–the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts.”

I turned 20 in 1963, just a couple of months before John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. I’d been mildly interested in US politics before that, but the assassination triggered a lifelong interest in US politics. (I have cousins across the United States, mostly Canadian born and I’ve traveled in 45 of the lower 48 states, some of them many times.)

In my investigations I soon found out that four presidents had been assassinated in the then, 164 year history of the United States, and two injured in assassination attempts, and that political corruption was commonplace.

I discovered that John F. Kennedy himself had almost certainly won the 1960 election against Richard Nixon, because his father, the morally bankrupt Joe Kennedy, had heavily financed the Democratic campaign, including shenanigans in Chicago.

I learned that Chicago had been run by Democrats, (and in 1960 it was the Richard Daley Democrats), since the 1930s. There was little possibility of a Republican winning a significant political position in Chicago because the Democrats had bought and paid for, the mayor, the police, and the judiciary, and as expected, they had stepped up for Kennedy. It’s dangerous when political corruption becomes, “… the way we do business.” I believe a Canadian Liberal leader said that.

Over the years I’ve also had the opportunity to travel to a number of developing countries, including five extensive trips to Zimbabwe during some of the years Robert Mugabe was “winning elections” by controlling who was allowed to observe. International observers were harassed and interfered with, and would report that the election wasn’t legitimate. Mugabe ignored them.

In this latest US election, there is crystal-clear video evidence of Republican observers being denied access to observe the voting, or to observe the counting of votes. There have also been numerous instances of the Dominion brand of electronic vote counting machines, “malfunctioning”, with thousands of votes mysteriously, and consistently, going to Joe Biden.

It’s possible that Donald Trump legitimately lost this election. In fact, it will be a miracle if he hasn’t, because since he first declared his candidacy in 2016, there has been a nonstop campaign to delegitimize his presidency, and even to unseat him, in other words, a nonstop attempted coup. In spite of all that, this election is remarkably close, and the pollsters again were exposed as fools.

Van Jones: Forget the KKK, it's the 'white, liberal Hillary Clinton supporter' we should worry about - Washington TimesThe media has overwhelmingly and dishonestly opposed Trump. I believe it’s because in 2009 Trump abandoned the Progressivist Left tribe. Opposing Trump was also for ratings. Here’s Van Jones, a high profile, very senior CNN commentator, caught on video, admitting that the forty million dollar Russia investigation was a “Nothing Burger, and further admitting that it was all about ratings. That’s journalistic prostitution, and in Washington and New York, the whorehouses are ubiquitous.

It is beyond question that there have been voting irregularities, and therefore Trump must call for legal votes to be counted, and illegal votes thrown out. Every American, no matter on which side of the political spectrum, deserves to know that their legal vote was counted, and that their vote was not cancelled by someone, maybe even a dead person, voting illegally. (Asians honor their dead with an annual “death anniversary” ceremony. Democrats honor their dead by allowing them to vote)

If a demonstrably honest vote count isn’t produced, the United States, with its perplexing inability to hold credible elections, takes one more step on the road to becoming a political Zimbabwe. No sensible person could wish for that.

I’m Dave Reesor

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November 2020 US Election Politics US Politics

The Pandemic Plagued US Election

If it wasn’t for the pandemic, the US Presidential Election would be a Trump landslide. No, I’m not talking about the Covid-19 pandemic, I’m talking about the Trump Derangement Syndrome pandemic, or TDS.

I don’t like Donald Trump, don’t like his personality, his braggadocio, or narcissism. He’s a habitual BS’er although if you don’t have TDS, you recognize that Trump’s BS is just that, BS.

As in: “40,000 people at our “Make America Great Again rally”, but the police counted 20,000. Or: “Our depressed neighborhood investment initiative has seen investment of $100 billion!”, when the actual number to date is only about 30 or 40 billion, with 100 billion not projected until 2028.

Of course, when it comes to helping black Americans or depressed inner-city neighborhoods, Joe Biden doesn’t have a starting point from which to exaggerate. 47 years in Washington with  no significant accomplishment, of any kind, except consistently a racist, saying that black Americans all think alike, and that .. if you don’t automatically vote Democrat: “you ain’t black.”

Here’s BS from Barack upon his 2016 nomination as Democratic Presidential candidate: “…. this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow…….”  If BS bothers you, you’ll never step in a bigger pile.

But here’s a big LIE. “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. If you like your health care plan, you can keep it.” That was a carefully rehearsed lie from Obama/Biden, about Obamacare.

Joe Biden has a Masters in BS, but conservatives haven’t wasted time keeping track of it because they understand what it is. But when Joe Biden looks into the camera and says: “Not one American lost their health insurance because of Obamacare, that’s a big LIE.

And when Joe says that when he and son Hunter flew for 13 hours on Air Force Two, to China, but didn’t discuss Hunter’s business purposes for the trip, that’s a big, obvious, LIE.

Biden has been accused of sexual assault by a number of women, including one who accused him of rape. She’s prepared to take a lie detector test, Biden isn’t. Connect the dots unless your TDS disallows it.

In office for 47 years, Biden did nothing to counter China’s rapacious intellectual property theft, their suppression of human rights, their military buildup, and their bullying of their smaller neighbors around the South China Sea. Biden did nothing about North Korea, freeloading NATO allies, the criminally mismanaged Veteran Affairs, and NOTHING for black employment, or investment in inner cities. Trump has acted, decisively on all of the above.

VP candidate Kamala Harris is dangerous, and she could well become POTUS because of Joe’s dementia.  As California’s Attorney General she was totally ideological in the administration of justice, ignoring Planned Parenthood’s illegal trade in baby parts, but prosecuting the undercover reporters that exposed it. She has been described as: “… a politician with ‘frightening’ authoritarian instincts’.”

Trump’s problem is that he’s an outsider, he left the Left Wing / Democrat tribe, and so is regarded as a traitor, and he’s an imminent threat to the corrupt inhabitants of the Deep State/Swamp. I’ve been to Washington a couple of times and have seen the beautiful white marble buildings. I was reminded of Jesus’ rebuke to the Pharisees, when he told them that; on the outside you look like beautifully whitewashed sepulchers, but inside you’re a rotten mess. That’s Washington, before Trump. No wonder they hate him!

So I’m sorry to be so blunt, but it seems to me, that on November 3, anyone with a functioning moral compass should find it impossible to vote for the Biden/Harris Democratic ticket.

I’m Dave Reesor

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