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To vaccinate, or not to vaccinate, that is the question….

July 30, 2015

Dave 07Flu season is coming up in a few months; governments are stockpiling vaccine, and many of us are deciding whether or not to get our flu shots.

Hamlet’s, “To be or not to be” is unquestionably a more portentous decision than whether or not to get a flu shot, but you wouldn’t always realize it judging from the ferociousness of the debate.

On one side are those who insist that vaccinations are useless and cause all manner of serious side effects; on the other side are those who believe that if your doctor, or better yet, the government, recommends vaccination, then it must be good. I’d like to suggest that both might be wrong, and right.

Let’s take the example of measles vaccinations. Data would seem to bear out that measles vaccinations over the decades have almost eradicated the disease, which is good. There may be cases where the measles vaccine causes problems – sometimes very serious – for some children, but on balance measles vaccinations have worked, and have clearly been a good thing.

On the other hand, studies show that while the flu vaccine may have some value for small segments of the population, on the whole it has a very limited effect. Every year, there are articles that bear this out.

Here’s how a Maclean’s article, April 9, 2014, starts out: “Tamiflu™ might be the most heavily scrutinized drug in the world and one that governments have poured some $9 billion globally to stockpile in case of a pandemic. However, authors of a new study, published in the British Medical Journal this week, suggest the influenza antiviral probably works no better than aspirin and possibly causes harm.” (Italics mine)

An Australian study found that researchers that were paid by pharmaceutical companies were more likely to recommend antiviral drugs for flu. Adam Dunn who was the lead author of one Australian study, and who is a health informatics expert at the University of New South Wales, said: “We found reviewers with ties to Pharma introduced bias, as we found a disconnect between what the results showed and what they went on to recommend.”

The study found that 80% of reviews written by researchers with financial ties to the drug companies were favourable towards the drugs, while 17% of independent reviews were positive.

So much for unbiased science!  Yet governments spend billions stockpiling flu vaccine and buying advertising advising you to get vaccinated, apparently for no better reason than tradition. A far better defence against the flu seems to be to eat healthy and keep your immune system strong.

Swine-Vaccination-WaitRay Moynihan, a senior research fellow at Bond University said: “It is clear we have likely been misled about the benefits and harms of these drugs because so much of the evidence is tainted by a pro-industry or pro-drug bias. What we have in medicine is unfortunately a lot of marketing disguised as science…”   (In another field, most of the climate change/global warming industry is driven by politics and ideology, disguised as science.)

As someone with a strong libertarian bias, I believe that the final decision of whether or not to vaccinate is up to the well informed individual, or the parents.

Scientists are humans, and almost every area of science is tainted by biases, so being well-informed is key. As you know, a number of us are working together on an online community called Let’s Do It Ourselves, or LDIO™. (Pronounced el-DEE-o)

Our purpose is twofold.

  1. To provide a community where individuals and organizations who believe in limited government can unite to push back against ballooning (and bungling) bureaucracies; and foster an ethos of self-reliance.
  2. To use social media as a tool to reach out to and inform those of all ages who rely on their smart device for information.

If you haven’t already done so, please join us.  By working together, our efforts become more cost effective. And by developing a well-informed citizenry, we can begin to see some much-needed cultural change.

Thanks for your support!

Dave Reesor

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Dave 07

Two days after last week’s NDP Party (socialist) win in Alberta, Andrew Coyne of the National Post wrote an article called: “Alberta never really was all that conservative.” The subtext was: “The left is winning.”

I’m afraid he’s right. Now I don’t believe that NDP Leader Rachel Notley is a wild eyed Communist; in fact I think she’s probably a very nice person, although she does have some serious lefties in her crew including one enthusiastic Hugo Chavez fan. Chavez was the Venezuelan leader (now deceased) whose socialistic policies reduced his oil rich nation’s potential to become a very wealthy country, to one where people – particularly the poor – lineup for hours for the basic necessities of life. The cause, government monopoly, is the same as the one behind why Canadians line up for knee replacements and Americans line up at the post office.

But the fact is that Western democracies have been drifting left for many decades. The social programs begun to help the truly needy during the Depression in the 1930s became “entitlement” programs in the 1960s. In Canada, the left under Pierre Trudeau called it building: “The Just Society.” In the United States, Lyndon Johnson called his: “The Great Society.” The result has been neither just, nor great.

Entitlement societies have enslaved millions in welfare dependency. When you are born into a second or third generation welfare family, unless you are extremely gifted and ambitious, it is very difficult to break out of the cycle. Often, welfare pays better than getting a job and paying taxes.

Obviously it is the antithesis of progress to foster welfare dependency; yet the so-called “progressive” left carries on because it because it makes them feel good about themselves, and, garners votes.

50 years later both countries are deeply in debt; Canada to the tune of 600+ billion, and the United States to the tune of about 20 trillion. (On a per capita basis the US level is three times the Canadian level.) We are obviously not paying our way.

This is clearly immoral. I’m fortunate to have some really smart university students involved in developing the Let’s Do It Ourselves online community. We get together for planning meetings and at a recent breakfast, a young woman, a newcomer, up until now had been oblivious to political issues. So in the course of the discussion we asked her how she planned to manage the $20,000 debt that she’d have to begin paying off when she completed her studies.

She looked puzzled and said: “I don’t have any debt!” When we pointed out that her share of the Canadian federal debt was currently a little over $20,000, her jaw dropped.

We provided what comfort we could by telling her that an American student’s share of their federal debt is about $60,000.

For over 50 years we have drunk ever more deeply of the sweet (sounding) socialist Kool-Aid, and left-wing ideology has been winning. But our children and grandchildren aren’t winning, and the poor aren’t winning, and our aboriginal/native populations aren’t winning. The ones that are winning are the elites who are convinced that they are smarter than us, and more qualified than we are to run our own lives.

And of course China and the Middle East oil kingdoms, and the financial institutions that hold our debt are winning, because they will collect interest for decades. We’ve had a 50 year party and are leaving the bill for our kids.

How do we get this entitlement attitude turned around; begin to push back against government; and make restitution to our offspring? I believe that we must – as Mark Steyn put it: “begin the hard work of changing the culture, seven days a week, 365 days a year.”

And how do we do that effectively and efficiently? By joining together as a community of individuals and groups who already believe in essential freedoms; property; speech; association; etc., and in smaller government and more self-reliance. Then we take our message to older generations with written articles; and younger generations with videos.

The Let’s Do It Ourselves (LDIO™) online community has been created to do exactly that.

You can become a member of our community for less than cost of a cup of coffee a week, and together we can build a reliably financed platform from which to express our ideas, and take action.

Go to our website at and let’s make our voices heard!

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Socialism Remembered Response

Dave 07

May 5, 2015.    When I wrote and posted my personal blog last Friday, I wasn’t remotely prepared for the outcome. We have had hundreds of comments. The activity on Facebook has been overwhelming. When I wrote the blog I intended -as I always try to do – to respond individually to each comment. That will be quite impossible, so I am going to do it in the form of a mini blog.

First of all, I want to thank you all for your comments, even from those that think I’m a greedy capitalist just trying to protect my wealth. I’m not. My wife still operates a home cleaning business because we are not wealthy – financially. We are however, wealthy in many other important ways.

My blog was simply to relate my personal experience and observation from having grown up and lived in Saskatchewan. I still have many family and friends there, and almost universally, they agree with my sentiments.

There seems to have been some misapprehension regarding my feelings about the PC party of Alberta. I think that it is a party that is arrogant, entitled, and objectively incompetent.

Regarding Saskatchewan; during the 63 years from 1944 until 2007, 47 were under NDP rule. Many of you told me that Alberta succeeded because it was blessed with oil. So was Saskatchewan.

About 35 years ago I saw a map that showed where known oil reserves lay beneath the soil of Alberta and Saskatchewan, and beside it a map showing the current level of development. The extent of oilfield development on the Alberta side of the border dropped by about 75% -in a straight line – on the Saskatchewan side. It was a stark illustration of why Alberta had prospered and Saskatchewan had not. Alberta encouraged development; Saskatchewan stood in the way of development, and that applied to most economic activity.

But here’s the main point. To those of you who say that life was better in Saskatchewan, I ask: “Why did tens of thousands of people move from Saskatchewan to Alberta?” The simple fact is that the opportunities were in Alberta.

You might not be particularly worried about opportunity. Instead, you might like a more “certain” lifestyle with the government involved in your life from cradle-to-grave. But the fact is that the vast majority wanted opportunity. I hope the vast majority still do.

Now get out and vote!

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Uncle Sam finds oil under under the Maple Leaf

Dave 07The Keystone XL Pipeline is truly a big deal, both for Canada and the United States. The Keystone will carry oil from the Canadian oil sands, and, from North Dakota, to the Gulf Coast for refining. It will reduce American dependence on offshore oil. Some Hollywood actors and professional agitators are wildly opposed.

NASA’s former top climate “scientist”, James Hansen, has been arrested four times for various protests revolving around climate change and the pipeline. Mr. Hansen has predicted that if global warming continues – which according to him is caused by man made emissions of CO2 – the oceans will “boil”. Of course using oil produces CO2. But then so does exhaling.

CO2 is to plants like Oxygen is to us; without it they will die. In fact, greenhouse operators inject CO2 into their buildings to make the plants grow better. Hmmmm…..

Back to the protests. Regarding the oilsands; Robert Redford has come out with videos denouncing “the terrify rate” at which the boreal forest, where the oilsands are located, is being destroyed.

Singer/songwriter Neil Young has likened the oilsands area in Alberta to Hiroshima which was destroyed by an atomic bomb at the end of World War II; and where 75,000 people died.

Actress Darrel Hanna chained herself to the White House fence and got herself arrested while protesting the Keystone. I have no idea why that is important, but mainstream media covered it, so it must be.

If all this alarmism is true, we heading straight towards climate Armageddon.   

None of it is. Award-winning NASA Astronaut and Physicist, Walter Cunningham has chastised James Hansen, a former colleague, by saying that: ”Hansen is a political activist who spreads fear, even when NASA’s own data contradicts him”. Dr. John Theon, Hansen’s former supervisor,said that: “Climate models are useless” (the whole climate change frenzy is based on models), and that Hansen is “an embarrassment”. Or, in even plainer English, he’s a wingnut.

I’ve been to Fort McMurray and out into the oilsands mines dozens of times. Fort McMurray is a wildly busy but beautiful city of about 100,000, set in Canada’s boreal forest. Wildlife abounds.

The mines are a few miles away, and they are indeed, an industrial development area. But you’ve seen plenty of pictures of the oilsands, so here’s a picture of a coal mine in Germany. Germany is regarded as a world leader in green technology, and in combating climate change.German mine Their mines look about the same as the oilsands. Germany will re-forest their mines, and we’ll re-forest ours.

China is building dozens of coal fired power plants every year. Their CO2 output completely dwarfs that of the oilsands, as does that of American, coal fired electrical  plants.

To the right is a picture taken entering downtown Fort McMurray. Fort McMurrayNeil Young’s comparison of Fort McMurray to Hiroshima is an obscenity; a slur against the people who live and work at Fort McMurray; and a desecration of the memory of those who died at Hiroshima.

And here are some facts about Redford’s “terrifying rate at which our boreal forest is being destroyed”. The world’s northern boreal forests cover over 6,000,000 square miles. Canada’s share is 2,300,000 square miles; the oilsands underlie only 54,000 square miles of that total, and only ten percent of that, or 5400 square miles, is mine-able.

So at most, 1/426th of Canada’s boreal forest will ever be mined for oil. Then, by law, it must be re-forested. If you find that scenario terrifying, then you clearly have the same on again / off again flirtation with common-sense that Mr. Redford apparently does.

Mr. Redford has a development at Sundance Resort, Park City, Utah where he is selling two million dollar building lots. Trees are being “destroyed” to make way for mega-footprint vacation homes. Mr. Redford says he needs the money. His net worth is estimated at 170 million dollars. Tens of thousands of people from across Canada and the US, and around the world work in the oilsands at better paying jobs than they’d ever dreamed of. Would Mr. Redford have them sent home?

Perhaps the native kids who live near the oilsands, and enter great paying jobs when they graduate should just go on welfare?

What Redford is essentially saying to the people who work at Fort McMurray, is: “Sure; I have my 170 million, but I also have a need to feel that I’ve done something righteous to offset my extravagant lifestyle. I know we’re all supposed to enjoy an equal opportunity, but I’m more equal than you, so tough luck!” Redford and Young have passed their “Best Before” date, but unfortunately, they retain some celebrity status, and they have an audience. We need to push back.

Almost every dire prediction that the global warming alarmists has turned out to be false. Polar Bears are an endangered species! Their numbers have doubled. Himalayan glaciers are going to disappear by 2035! It was nonsense put forward by the head of the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change), and they now admit it was nonsense.  

Just three months ago, some alarmists confidently predicted that “the Arctic Ocean might well become ice free this summer!” But not only was this summer colder than normal; the summer ice melt was far less than last year. So now, their updated prediction is that the Arctic Ocean may become ice free by the end of this century; an 87 year adjustment in three months! Oops!

An interesting, and even more pertinent fact is that the Arctic Ocean was ice free, 4000 years ago. That’s right about the time that Abraham and Sarah  left Iraq and headed for Israel, (modern names); and as far as I know they drove methane emitting camels, not CO2 emitting SUVs.

Of course, humans do have some effect on climate; we just don’t know how much. But research suggests that even if we were able to shut down half of human activity on the planet, the effect would be minor. So whether it gets colder or warmer – and it has done both many times in the past – we’ll need to adapt. When sea levels rose in the past, our ancestors used common-sense, and moved to higher ground! 

If you wish, look up the facts for yourself.  And forward this blog to everyone who might be interested. It’s time to push back against lies and misinformation. My definition of insanity is: Complain, Do Nothing, Wait for Change.

Let’s do it ourselves; and let’s think for ourselves!

Blessings to all –


BTW: If you’d like to support this IWUZ  blog, and the work we’re doing to launch the Let’s Do It Ourselves online community, you can join / donate at    Go to JOIN LDIO on the website, and if you wish to donate less than $50, simply use the $5 a month option for one two, or however many months, and discontinue whenever you wish. Thanks for your encouraging, and your argumentative comments. They are all greatly appreciated!   


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Food Fight!

No Nanny StateMaine Town Declares Food Sovereignty. How’s that for a headline?

It seems that some of those independent Yankees up in New England have decided that the nanny-state has nanny-ed enough.

Sedgwick passed an ordinance that gives its citizens the right “to produce, sell, purchase, and consume local foods of their choosing,” regulations be damned. The ordinance includes raw milk, meats that are slaughtered locally, all produce, and just about anything else you might imagine. Furthermore, the town has declared that interference from the state or federal government is illegal. Yes!!

Sedgwick believes, that according to the Home Rule provisions of their State Constitution, the citizens of Sedgwick have the right to enact an ordinance that is “local and municipal in character.” Sedgwick started the fight in 2011, and it appears that they are winning.

To read more, click on the following links:

Remember the name: Sedgwick, Maine. It may turn out to be where an important 21st century revolution began.

For less government, more self reliance.


Check out the Let’s do It Ourselves website.

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IWUZ mottoOur LDIO™ website is live!Dave 07

As many of you know, I’ve spent the last year and a half researching; engaging a web design company; writing copy (with 15 or 20 revisions each); shooting the initial videos; (learning how to write a script and then speak on camera – definitely a work in progress); raising the initial capital to get the website built; etc., etc… all leading to the launch of the Let’s Do It Ourselves Movement.

Our producer, Russell Moore, has over 15 years experience in film production; both in news, and in movie making. He is one of that rare species; a Hollywood conservative.

Cindy Davidson is our researcher, and she is  cataloging backup data for those of you who like to dig. She is also teaching me Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Steep learning curve happening!

Like many – I’d guess most of you- I believe government is involved in far too many areas of our lives. We pay too much in taxes, but even then it’s not enough – witness our massive government debt. More importantly, our reliance on the nanny-state  depletes our character, and demoralizes us.

I don’t believe in “no government”. I just believe  in responsible, necessary government. Government that is, in Abraham Lincoln’s words: “by the people, and for the people”.

Be sure to visit the JOIN LDIO page on the website. WE NEED MEMBERS! Our ability to influence our society and our politicians will grow along with our membership roster.

And we are in the midst of raising the second round of capital so we can complete the back end of the website. The more members we have, the easier that task becomes.

If you share our vision of building stronger, more self-reliant families and communities, please visit

We appreciate your feedback; and your ideas for future stories to cover. Please send us stories of your family or your community, Doing It Yourselves!

We absolutely can reverse the slide into nanny-statism, and regain the best of the past, including an attitude of self-reliance. At the same time, we, can look after each other and our neighbors who truly need assistance.

Heartfelt thanks to all of you who have supported and encouraged us thus far.  We are just getting started!


DW new card

P.S. Allison Diaz is a blogger extraordinaire. She is a writer extraordinaire. Her transparency is shocking. Her family’s story will inspire you. It will make you think. For a view into determination, faith and sheer guts, it would be hard to beat her blog at