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Za Terminator is baaack!

Dave 07“Ve got to westoah za climate!!”  That’s Arnold the Terminator, about ten years ago. At the time I remember asking someone: “Restore it to what exactly? Cold as The Little Ice Age? Farming in Greenland like during the Middle Ages?”

This year, Arnold Schwarzenegger is in Montana, filming a documentary purporting to show that climate change is responsible for wildfires. Well of course he’s right. When it rains, forests grow; when it’s dry, forests burn. We learned that in Alberta in 2005. We had a dry March with lots of grassfires which is pretty normal. One of our local climate gurus, a Dr. Somebody, was interviewed and said: “If we don’t get rain, it will be a dry summer”. I realized immediately that I should have gone for that PhD because “rain = wet; no rain = dry!” would never have occurred to me. At any rate, in May and June it rained, and it got wet and we had floods; so I suppose he was right.

The fact is, climate change is normal.  Since the last Ice Age 18,000 years ago, the overall trend has been global warming, and thankfully, less ice. (Where I live just north of the Montana border, the ice was over a mile thick during the Ice Age; it’s chilly today; and I’m a bit nervous!) But there have been many ups and downs, temperature wise, and about 250 years ago it got almost as cold as it was during last Ice Age. So it is actually called, The Little Ice Age.

We are in the process of thawing out from that period of cold and misery and hardship. But unfortunately – according to the International Panel on Climate Change, (IPCC), which is the Vatican of the Church of Global Warming / Climate Change – there has been no warming for the past 17 years. Our thaw-out has stalled, and some scientists are worried. Let us hope that the climate doesn’t restore itself to what it was 250 years ago or we are in serious trouble. So buy that SUV! Arnold Schwarzenegger actually does drive a Hummer,so there is a bit more Hollywood hypocrisy.

Apparently, the IPCC is about to issue a report that essentially admits that all the alarmism, including theirs, was overdone. No kidding! According to the report, even if warming resumes it is likely to be significantly less than their last prediction, which was less than the one before that; all of which were less alarming than Al Gore’s predictions in his Fictionmentary called “An Inconvenient Truth”.

Here’s a link to The Science and Public Policy Institute (SPPI), gives specific rebuttals to claims made by Al Gore. And don’t let those who say that SPPI is not legitimate, fool you. One claim is: “– SPPI had not been granted nonprofit status from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) 3+ years after it was formed”. Given the scandal unfolding around the IRS, I’d suggest that being stalled by them constitutes proof that SPPI is legitimate.

Our twenty year pandemic of insanity on climate change, warming, disruption, and extremes, has cost the world a trillion plus in dollars; and many millions of jobs; but hey! it worked great for Big Al, and he got rich! So now the Terminator is going to try the same play, and make his own documentary.

But that game is running out of steam, and credibility. Arnold’s documentary is probably too late for the big money; unless he throws in a car chase or two, and maybe Jamie Lee Curtis. If he does that, I might even watch it.

Let’s do it ourselves; and let’s think for ourselves!