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Forgive him, for he was a Democrat

Dave 07Donald Trump has been in the news a lot lately. (That’s my entry in the understatement of the century contest.) The left, and the mainstream media – yes I know, it’s the same thing – dined out during the election, and still do, on Donald Trump’s past crudeness and vulgarity, and his disrespect for women.

Most famously, in 2005, Donald Trump had a recorded conversation in which he made vulgar and unconscionable comments about his modus operandi for “seducing” women; hardly the appropriate word, but anyway. It was characterized by his supporters as locker room talk; that’s hardly a locker room any decent man would want to be in.

But here’s a fact, and I’m astonished that, to my knowledge, no one else has brought this up. In 2005, Donald Trump was a Democrat, and he was simply carrying on like Democrats carry on.

Consider this. While married to Jackie Kennedy, and, while President, the iconic John F. Kennedy dallied almost daily, with a long string of mistresses. LBJNot to be outshone, Kennedy’s successor, Lyndon Johnson, bragged that he’d had more women by accident than Kennedy ever had on purpose. Johnson’s respect for women apparently extended to those who would sleep with him.

Bill Clinton’s high profile, illicit sexual encounters began during his time as Arkansas governor and didn’t end with his Presidency. The Oval Office had to be sterilized after he left in 2001. (Just kidding, but not much.)

hillaryAnd on the “ladies” side, there are numerous eyewitness accounts illustrating that Hillary Clinton possesses one of the foulest mouths on the planet. As someone said, she is a very nasty woman indeed. Follow the links if you don’t believe me.

Democratic presidential candidate, John Edwards carried on an affair while his wife was dying of cancer, and the unfortunately unforgettable Democratic congressman, Anthony Weiner, achieved fame for his very personalized selfies. Weinergate was named after him.

Every one of them – except the thoroughly nasty Hillary – could be characterized as a misogynist, yet, for some reason yet undiscovered by psychiatry, Democratic men are still revered by modern feminists; you know, the ditzes who favor homophobic and misogynistic, sharia law governed countries, over modern and libertarian Israel.

Be that as it may, my point is that in 2009, four years after his locker room verbal hemorrhage, Trump converted to Republicanism. (Maybe guilt overtook him.) Considering his two steps forward, one step back pattern of behavior, he’s still, quite obviously, a recovering Democrat. He still has some distance to go, but overall, his behavior has improved as a Republican.

And that’s the perspective from The Great White North.

Best regards to each of you

Dave Reesor

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It’s a Left-Wing Meltdown! Y’all Come!

Dave 07

I’ll admit it’s been amusing, in a sadistic sort of way, to watch the left-wing meltdown since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States on November 8.

First of all, and the US Constitution notwithstanding, they insisted was an illegitimate result because Trump only won the Electoral College, but not the plurality of votes. Enclaves in New York and California had given that to Hillary Clinton, and everyone knows that the folks in New York and Los Angeles should run things, by divine right so to speak; that is, if there were such a thing as the divine.

Then the effort was to have the Electoral College itself overturn the election result and install Hillary Clinton. All this of course was accompanied by demonstrations and riots; although when asked, many of their participants had forgotten to vote.

ashley-juddBut the best part of the show has been since Inauguration Day. The day after, there was a big women’s march, and one of the speakers was Ashley Judd. It was like watching a slo-mo train wreck as she tried her best to channel Dr. Martin Luther King. But somehow her repetition of “I am a nasty woman” – which ironically has a ring of truth to it – just seemed silly beside Dr. King’s, “I have a dream.”

Another star performer in the Left-Wing Meltdown has been Madonna. She’s made a career, and millions, not from her voice but from her unrelenting pursuit of vulgarity. I always wondered how women can insist on respect when they act out like Madonna, or who allow themselves to be called “hoes,” “bitches,” and worse. Donald Trump is low class?

Another trigger for The Meltdown has been the “Muslim ban.” Never mind that it’s not a ban, on either Muslims or refugees, but a temporary suspension on immigrants of all faiths from a list of seven countries, prepared by the Obama administration. It was clumsily rolled out, but when you are sick of slick politicians and elect someone who isn’t a politician at all you should anticipate a lack of slickness. You got it.

neil-mcdonaldAnd we have the horrific killing of seven Muslim worshipers at a mosque in Québec City. The shooter was a disturbed young man, with a Christian name. But that name alone was enough to have Neil McDonald of the CBC prattling on about how most of the killers in North America are Christians.

Canadian taxpayers, you pay this guy’s salary.

It was the same narrative put out by the left-wing media after Anders Breivik massacred 77 people in Norway in 2011. He was a Christian. Except it turns out that actually he was an atheist, and a National Socialist, and, according to the exacting science of psychiatry, a narcissist. But then, the left has called Adolf Hitler a Christian simply because he was baptized as a child.

So the biggest star so far in the Left-Wing Meltdown, has been the mainstream media. They have dedicated themselves for the next four years to delegitimizing everything that the Trump Administration does, good or bad.

There is not a doubt that the Trump administration will do more unslick things. But the media’s wildly biased approach is exactly why very few people trust the media.

And I predict that four years from now, even fewer will.

Best to each of you!

Dave Reesor

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Post Script

I recently had an interesting conversation with a Millennial. We were chatting at a birthday party, and she wanted to read one of my blogs, so I gave her the link. She read it, and then looked at me and very sincerely said: “Thank you. I’d never thought of it that way before.”

With 9 grandchildren, and all their friends, I’ve found that Millennial’s are very easy to talk to, and are hungry for information that they find believable. LDIO’S mission is to provide that information using their medium; VIDEO. There’s a cost.

So please JOIN us, and become a member of the Let’s Do It Ourselves community. If you’re one of the 350,000 Albertans who voted Wildrose two years ago, this community is for you. If you voted for the Conservative Party of Canada in 2015, or voted Republican last November, the LDIO™ community is for you and your Millennials!

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That Hopey Changey Thing

Dave 07In a December interview, Michelle Obama bemoaned the upcoming Trump presidency, and, as she saw it, the end of hope. She said: “Hope is necessary. It’s a necessary concept and Barack didn’t just talk about hope because he thought it was just a nice slogan to get votes. He and I and so many believe that.”

And then she asked, rhetorically: “What else do you have if you don’t have hope.”

Well, change maybe? Wasn’t that really what Obama was supposed to be about; “change that you can believe in”?

There was change all right. Libya has become a failed state thanks to the Obama/Clinton State Department; an emboldened Vladimir Putin threatens former Soviet satellites in Eastern Europe; “Junior Varsity” ISIS  – as characterized by Obama – spreads terror around the world; hundreds of thousands have died in Syria, and Europe is overwhelmed with refugees. That’s the international scene.

There was change at home as well. Millions more now have healthcare, but they’re offset by the millions losing their health care; murderous mayhem rages in the cities with the tightest gun control regulations; race relations have worsened, and there’s a cool 10 trillion in new US federal debt. You’re welcome Millennial’s. You’ll be paying that off for the rest of your lives.

Mich Obama.pngI doubt if that’s change you can believe in but it’s change that happened. Of course Ms. Obama was actually bemoaning the death of  her hopes for an uninterrupted left wing agenda. I suspect that for the next four years at least, that is indeed a forlorn hope.

But for the millions of Deplorables  who voted for Donald Trump, it appears that hope has been rekindled, and is very much alive. It’s a fool’s game to analyze the Trump Administration  five days in, but I’d say it’s quite sane to predict that there will be “yuge” change. Let’s hope that the change this time is positive; commonsensical and sustainable. Everyone should believe in that!

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And if you believe, as I do, that the common sense conservative message is often ineffectively communicated, especially to our children and grandchildren, then let’s do it better. We’re still getting set up to produce very brief but relevant videos, to be delivered to you and your Millennials,  via the Internet and social media. As you can imagine, there is ongoing expense involved.

So please JOIN us, and become a member of the Let’s Do It Ourselves community. If you’re one of the 350,000 Albertans who voted Wildrose two years ago, this community is for you. If you  voted for the Conservative Party of Canada in 2015, or voted Republican last November, the LDIO™ community is for you and your Millennials!

We’re strictly membership-based, and the cost is just $5 a month, or less. With just 500 more members, we will be able to produce at least one video per week. Someday, your children and grandchildren will thank you!

Best to each of you!

Dave Reesor

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In the First Place

Dave 07Last week I blogged about the differences, as I see them, between left and right. The next day I received my copy of Imprimis, a monthly publication of Hillsdale College. It features an article by the college President, Dr. Larry P Arnn, entitled: A More American Conservatism. This week I was going to publish some back-and-forth online conversations that I’ve had with friends from the left but instead I’m going to encourage you to read Dr. Arnn’s article. Because whatever your nationality, or political persuasion, it deserves at least one read-through.

Dr. Arnn observes that: “Things in the past are like things in the present; they must be judged.” In other words, just because it worked in the old days does not necessarily mean it still works. Think about that, conservatives.

But he goes on to say that we know that: “things that have a good reputation for a long time are more trustworthy than new things.” In other words, just because it’s labelled “progressive” doesn’t guarantee its value. Such arguments are neither left, nor right.

Dr Larry Arnn.jpgHe says: “Laws are made now chiefly by regulatory agencies which combine, in themselves, all three powers of government.” He means that the bureaucracy now behaves as if it has the power of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches, all put together. His point is beyond dispute.

And this: “Every employer, every school, many clubs, and family life itself are now the subject of rules too complex for the layperson to grasp.” That’s also beyond dispute and is the reason that ordinary people, left and right, throughout Western democracies, feel they have very little say in their own governance.

Dr. Arnn’s personal style couldn’t be farther from that of Donald Trump, yet he is hopeful about the new US administration. Because, as he points out: “Trump ran in utter defiance of the (debate stifling) political correctness that enforces this new system of government.” Bracketed words mine. Any person who believes that open debate helps lead us to the best ideas must find that hopeful!

All in all, this is an exceptional article, and I would recommend it to everyone interested in thoughtful public discourse. And I urge you to subscribe to this publication, called Imprimis. It means: In the first place, which is always the logical place to start.

Best to each of you!


P.S. I think quite a few of you know that Danny Hozack has been a force in thoughtful conservatism for a long time. For the past several years he’s organized an annual conference called Essentials of Freedom, which alternates between Calgary and Edmonton. This year it’s in Calgary.

Be sure to mark Friday, March 17 and Saturday, March 18 on your calendar. And think about bringing your children, and grandchildren. More information next week.

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Sandra and Hillary

sandra-jansenI expect that I would disagree with Sandra Jansen about most things. I see her as an Elitist Progressive of the first order, and I think the manner of her crossing the floor of the Alberta legislature, from a purportedly Conservative party, straight into the embrace of a committed socialist party, says all you need to know about Sandra..

But in this video I agree with her 100%. She is speaking to the Alberta legislature about the verbal abuse she received after crossing the floor. However much I deplore the manner of her crossing, the subsequent abuse she received is outrageous.

hillary-clintonThe same applies to some of the slurs directed towards Hillary Clinton. Based on evidence, I consider her to be a liar who has engaged in criminal behavior of various kinds; most recently the destruction of evidence pertinent to her email server fiasco. Nevertheless, she is a woman, and crude slurs against her womanhood are  unacceptable, and in practical terms, counterproductive.

Some of the creeps using this language undoubtedly consider themselves to be conservatives. They are not. A core value of conservatism is, and always will be, respect for womanhood. In that regard, left-wing icons like John F. Kennedy, and Bill Clinton, are not conservatives, and 10 years ago, apparently, neither was Donald Trump. The next four years will reveal if he’s truly made the transition to conservatism.

Because it’s the left that goes to seminars and shouts down those with whom they disagree. It’s the left that throws temper tantrums over disappointing electoral outcomes. And it’s the left; people like the American comedian/political commentator, Bill Maher, who refer to women using the c word, and get a pass, at least in the liberal/Progressivist media.

If you’re not a member of the left, and you use that kind of language towards women, I don’t know where you are, politically speaking, but you’re not a conservative. What you are, is a disgrace.

Many of you know that I am involved with an organization called Let’s Do It Ourselves where we are in the process of writing our constitution, which includes our Beliefs; Rights; and Responsibilities.

One of our Responsibilities is to engage in careful, courageous, and complete consideration of issues; to form an opinion, and then, enthusiastically defend it. But foul language and irrelevant ad hominems are not acceptable. Any member who uses them will have his or her membership revoked.

If you agree with our position, and, that conservatives need to cooperate, contribute, and communicate, I invite you to JOIN US!

I just received my latest copy of The Economist Magazine, and they have a fascinating article on the substantial benefits!! of increased CO2 in the atmosphere. We’ll examine the article next week.

Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers, and may we all survive Black Friday!

Dave Reesor

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Elitism and the Elite

Dave 07There has been hot air blowing and tears flowing since last Tuesday’s US election. Some Clinton supporters have progressed from shouting and shedding tears to burning and looting.

How Marcie’s Maternity or Ben’s Burgers were so pivotal to the unsatisfactory outcome of the election that they deserved to be torched, is beyond me, but the looniest wing of the left seems to think that arson is a legitimate catharsis for disappointment. Of course many of them are just paid agitators, and they’ll take any gig for a buck.

In fairness, many on the left and some on the right have engaged in honest self-examination, and have concluded that in their arrogance they completely missed the frustration felt by the millions of citizens that one of the candidates graciously characterized as: “DEPLORABLES.”

But a majority seem to have missed the point entirely. Some blame sexism as the reason for the Clinton loss, completely failing to explain why the same people who would not vote for Hillary Clinton would have voted, in a heartbeat, for any number of less dishonest and corrupt female candidates.

Some left-wing commentators actually managed to drag race into the discussion, insisting that the outcome was proof of conservative bias against visible minorities; again completely ignoring the fact that those same people would have voted, without a moment’s hesitation, for a Ben Carson or a Marco Rubio.

I think that the vote should fundamentally be interpreted as an overdue punch in the nose to Elitism. Elitism is an attitude that emotes: “I’m a chosen arbiter of what is good and bad, right and wrong; you must take your truth from me.”

An Elite on the other hand is someone who is among the best at their chief endeavor, (although breaking the law and getting away with it maybe shouldn’t count). And unfortunately, Elites – think DiCaprio the actor, sometimes become Elitists – think DiCaprio the jet set environmentalist.

Robert Fulford who I consider to be an Elite journalist, wrote a column in the National Post talking about his love affair with America and its Elites. I share those sentiments.

Elite American writers, artists, musicians, politicians, and even journalists have brought much beauty, enjoyment and perspective to the world. Some of them were also Elitists, but many were not. Unfortunately, Fulford’s article was Elitist in tone.

In the aftermath of the vote, many weepy dopey Elitists like Madonna, the flaming-out hillary-clintonstar who publicly promised oral sex to any man who would vote for Hillary (and you thought Donald Trump was clueless and classless), and Patrick J Adams who tweeted: “Dear world. I apologize.” – expressed their horror, disbelief, and non-acceptance of the reality, that the poster child for arrogant, corrupt, one-percenter Elitists had failed to become President.

Again, Elitism is the pivotal issue. The entire electoral enterprise was crowded with Elitists on both sides, but very few Elites. The post-election commentary by most on the left, and some on the right, has been overwhelmingly Elitist in tone, suggesting that, so far at least, the election has taught them nothing.

Like Robert Fulford, I respect Elites. It’s Elitists that I can’t stand.

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No true conservative could vote for Donald Trump

Dave 07

Donald Trump is no conservative and never has been. In addition to his myriad other non-conservative views and actions in the past, Trump has flat out said: “I love EMINENT DOMAIN!”

 Now, the legal definition of eminent domain is a (government’s) power to take private property for public use by a state, municipality, or private person or corporation authorized to exercise functions of public character.

 Expropriation of land through the application of eminent domain has always been understood to apply to major projects such as railways, major roads, public facilities etc. that will benefit a wide spectrum of the public.

 But Trump loves eminent domain because he can use it to force private individuals to sell him property on which to develop his casinos and golf courses. In other words, Donald Trump loves that the government will help him run over fellow citizen’s property rights so he can expand his entertainment empire. 

Trump Casino
Trump Casino

 That is the very antithesis of conservatism. NO TRUE CONSERVATIVE CAN SUPPORT THIS.

 If you want more detail, here’s a start.

 Another hallmark of common-sense conservatism is being practical, and realistic. Trump’s stated goal, to round up 11 million illegal immigrants and their American-born children is pure fantasy. Logistically, legally, and practically, it cannot be done.

 Sure, they’re illegals, but don’t give me the crap that simply because they entered the United States illegally, they are therefore, serious lawbreakers.  Anybody out there ever slow down in an area where you know that photo radar is common, and then exceed the speed limit in areas where you’ve never see a cop? Laws that are unenforced are obviously not very important, and people act accordingly.

 National borders should be secured, and American administrations and congresses to date have completely failed to do their job. If securing the US borders is important, then vote for politicians that believe it’s important, but that also have a practical solution.

 And once the borders are secure, there must be a way for hard-working, law-abiding, immigrants to achieve legal status, maybe by five years of law-abiding, and hard work.

 And finally, send a message to the small percentage who do commit serious crimes, (and to dopey municipal governments like San Francisco’s), by imprisoning them, and then, without fail, shipping them back to their country of origin with the guarantee of a massive prison sentence if they return.

That’s probably only a few hundred thousand people, and deporting that many may actually be doable. In fact, many might even self deport if the penalties for illegals breaking the law are stiff enough.

 Donald Trump is a windbag, albeit one who has performed a valuable service for America by putting serious issues on the table, however clumsy, obnoxious, and completely unrealistic his solutions are.

Trump waves goodbyBut this November’s election is critical, and it’s time for The Donald to fade from the political landscape, and for Americans to focus, not just on issues, but on realistic solutions to those issues.

 Trump’s “Unfavorable” ratings in national polls suggest that in the general election, he would lose. But the alternative being Clinton or Sanders, Republicans would be forced to get out and vote Trump, to at least try and stop an ever more damaging experiment with “Progressivism”.

 True conservatives will never put themselves in that position.

 Anyway, that’s the view from across the Northern Fence.

I’m Dave Reesor, in Calgary Alberta.




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Indiana Pizza Parlor Remodels!

Dave 07Indiana passed a law last week, and since then, Indiana has been reviled, mocked, and boycotted. And what is the uproar about? According to Stanford law Professor Bernadette Meyer, the law appeared to be aimed at allowing companies to discriminate against same-sex couples or gay people. She said: “I am disturbed when that articulation of rights, as in the Indiana law, winds up trumping other people’s interests in equality.” Apparently Ms. Meyer believes that the interests of special interest groups trump the rights of ordinary people.

As soon as the Indiana law was passed, and in order to show how open and tolerant they are,  individuals, major corporations like Apple and Walmart, and even the governors of other states, widely and wildly condemned Indiana’s law, in spite of the fact that many other states including their own have similar laws. They said they feared that bigots would use the law to discriminate against gays and lesbians.

(By the way, in most cases, discrimination is a good thing. I’ve landed in my 70s through no choice of my own, yet if I now decided to fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming, say, an airline pilot, how far along in the process do you think I’d get? They’d take one look at my birth year, 1943, and politely show me the door. And perhaps, justifiably suggest I see a psychiatrist.)

Anyway, in order to get a juicy story, a TV news reporter went into a small pizza shop owned by Christian family in a very small Indiana town. She asked the owner’s daughter a hypothetical question about their response if a same-sex couple asked them to provide pizza at their wedding. The daughter of the owner said that, because of their religious faith, they would probably decline.

A vicious Twitter campaign was launched against the pizza shop, and the next day they closed down. But the campaign backfired massively. A woman who believes in freedom of religion started a counter campaign to raise funds for the owners of the pizza shop. In two days $842,000 was raised, about eight times the pizza joint’s annual sales. They now intend to remodel and reopen. Remember that story the next time you shake your head sadly and say: “But what can we do?”

Since 1963, I have been speaking out on behalf of the rights of gay people to live their lives without interference or oppression from the rest of society. But we’ve gone way too far. The radical gay lobby now insists that their choices override everyone else’s rights, including the right to peacefully practice your religion.

In the history of marriage, has there ever been an unfettered right to marry? There has not. The right to same sex marriage is assumed by its supporters and now conferred by the government. In that, a same sex marriage is different than any heterosexual marriage in history.

Only in the case of war, or civil emergency, has anyone ever had a right to force someone to participate in something that goes against their conscience. It has been done, but only by governments we generally regard as totalitarian. Are we prepared to accept this in Western Society?

Let us concede that most gays have no choice about their sexual orientation. But without question, gay or straight, we all have multiple choices regarding lifestyle, association, and whom to marry. And whether you’re a gay couple, or straight, it’s you who makes the choice about whom you’d like to perform your ceremony, or cater to your wedding. If your choice declines, make another choice.

Because it takes a boatload of chutzpah to insist that your choice to have your same-sex wedding catered to by whomever you choose overrides the rights of another individual to practice their religion as their conscience dictates, and that the government is obligated to back your choice.

We need to push back against this nonsense, and the fact that tens of thousands got together and did, and bailed out the pizza shop, goes to prove that when we work together we can successfully push back.

Remember that, because in the next few weeks I will be asking you to join the Let’s Do It Ourselves online community so we can do just that; push back, inexpensively, pro-actively, and effectively.

For a hilarious and satirical take on the Indiana issue, follow this link to where Rex Murphy deftly skewers the Pecksniffian pretensions of the Apple and Walmart CEOs.

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IWUZ reading my last blog which I suppose is quite narcissistic. It’s just that I’m going to be 70 next birthday, and I don’t want to start repeating myself. But, (to repeat myself), here’s what I said at the end of my last blog.

“So, if in fact what America does need, is someone who understands that a change in direction is critical; and someone who might actually have the know-how to accomplish it; then, on November 6 American voters could not have a clearer choice.”

Now, in spite of an outcome promising more of the change that 48% of Americans don’t believe in, (nor do I); I’m thinking that maybe it’s for the best.

Simply changing the occupant of the White House is a bit like installing new tires on a badly damaged car. Unless you intend to rebuild the whole thing it’s a pointless expense. That’s the message of the “six billion dollar blizzard of BS” election campaign; “No significant change from Washington.”

I think it’s pretty clear that forcing a movement towards smaller government must come directly from individuals and families; communities and businesses; who can say to all politicians, with one voice; “Stop! We will not mortgage our children’s and grandchildren’s futures any further”. But how do you get the voices together?

For the past year I have been working on a project called “The Let’s Do It Ourselves Movement”; (LDIO™.org). LDIO™ will be dedicated to encouraging and celebrating stories of self-reliance as practiced by individuals, families, and communities.

LDIO™ will also spotlight, and call to account; politicians who create laws and bureaucracies that run roughshod over the rights, aspirations, and bank accounts of ordinary citizens. Our objective is to provide a platform from which the encroachment of the nanny-state can be halted, and reversed.

With the vast array of communication tools now available; we can educate, encourage, and empower those who already believe that a rollback in the size of government is overdue. We can also inspire others to join us who may be apathetic, or just discouraged.

We used to just assume individual and community self-reliance; our ancestors certainly did. They accomplished important tasks by working together – with no government advice or financial assistance required! Millions still aspire to do the same; and we want to nurture and assist them, and celebrate their accomplishments.  

Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Our definition of insanity is: Complain- but do nothing, and hope for change.

We have our web designers working on Phase 1 of the website, and we are currently aiming for a January roll-out  More details coming in the next blogs.

Let’s go back for our future!


There is some interesting post-election analysis in this New York Times piece by Ross Douthat.

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IWUZ (last blog – LATE SHOW WAKEUP), talking about the mess we Canadians got ourselves into 40 years ago when we elected a leader who wanted to build a “Just Society” by redistributing wealth. By the early 1990s what we actually had was a “Just about broke” country. We also had a; “What is the government going to do for me today?” society. Our situation looked very much like the Greece of 2012.

At the last hour, a couple of very pointed wake-up calls finally convinced Canadians to stop digging themselves into that hole. The Prime Minister of the day appointed a businessman as Finance Minister, and we went under the knife. The cuts were sudden; deep; vigorously protested; but ultimately effective.

The cure isn’t complete, but Canada is past the crisis and in the best shape of any western, developed country. This year, our annual deficit will be between $20 and $30 billion; and our national debt (accumulated deficits), stands at around $600 billion. With ten times the population and economy, a comparable US federal deficit would be $200 to $300 billion, and the debt would be $6 trillion. Alarmingly, the US deficit will actually be over $1 trillion; and the accumulated debt has reached $16 trillion, and is still growing. In fact, the US added $6 trillion of debt in just the last four years.

Canada’s deficit and debt should be lower than it is; but, like most politicians – even those with a purportedly conservative perspective, ours can’t resist scattering money around to various interest groups; from multibillion dollar international corporations, to societies for the preservation of macramé.

The Canadian government recently spent nearly $300 million to pay tobacco farmers to get out of the tobacco business. Farmers took the money, and then sold or rented the machinery to relatives who kept on growing tobacco. Somehow, I don’t feel healthier, or even more righteous. Just ripped off, poorer, and disgusted.

Our feds also gave $12 million to a multibillion dollar German company to help it build a frozen pizza factory in Ontario in order to create jobs. Well of course; isn’t it always for a great cause? But what it also created was subsidized competition for Mom and Pop Canuck, and their little family owned pizza business. Collateral damage I suppose.

The point is that politicians in every country do this constantly; it cumulatively costs billions, or trillions; and often results in a net loss to the economy, and the social fabric. And it contributes to those huge debts.

About 40 years ago one of our socialist politicians referred to “Corporate welfare bums”. I agreed with his point then, and I do now. I find corporate welfare bums even more odious than individual welfare bums, although I have little time for either. (That being said, I believe we should, personally, and through our churches, and service clubs, contribute the time, and the finances, to assist all those who have genuine needs.)

Now to the issue. It seems to me that the current occupant of the White House has no concept of smaller government. He appears to be a classic statist, in that he genuinely believes, at a gut level, that government somehow holds the solution to most problems faced by individuals, corporations, and society at large. He’s had almost no exposure to business, has never borrowed against his home to start or expand a business, cut his own salary in order to make payroll, or laid anyone off in order for the remaining jobs to survive. The one time that we know of that he worked in a private business, he said he felt like “A spy behind enemy lines”.

And yet private businesses are the legal structure within which entrepreneurs and investors create jobs, products and services, and therefore, wealth. And yes, taxes to spend on defense, highways, and Medicare. It seems to me that what America urgently needs is a businessman – or woman; having had hands on experience running businesses. A major bonus would be that some of those businesses badly needed a turnaround specialist, and that this person was successful in doing exactly that. 

So, if in fact what America needs is someone who comprehends the fact that a change in direction is critical, and who also might actually have an idea how to accomplish it; then I’d say that on November 6th, American voters could not have a clearer choice.

As a Canadian, and a friend, I can only hope and pray that they make the right one. 

“A nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket, trying to lift himself up by the handle.” — Winston Churchill